Cau Brno, See you next Spring

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  1. Thanks My Czech Republic, we have met and made many new friends here in Brno. As a foreigner in Brno with minimal skill of the local language, I have managed to gain a little more insight from the other member's blogs regarding customs, attitudes, values etc. It has been an interesting summer here, busy but enjoyable. To all the incoming or new expats out there in Brno - here are some lessons I may have learnt :? :D :(this year)
    1. When setting up house, give yourself plenty of time. It will take you twice as long as you had planned.
    2. Turning up on time anywhere is a Czech right of passage! You must return the favour!
    3. When at home or if you are visiting,"Take your shoes off just inside the door and place them neatly against the wall". Learn to do this by remote control!It doesn't hurt you know!
    4. Don't think that you can get away with trying all the different foods here and not have to buy larger size clothing will! PS: larger sized clothing is not always easy to come by here either, so beware!
    5. If you are like me and tend to smile more than not, be prepared for the many times you will be asked by a local who is standing next to you and also waiting for the tram, something which would be a standard question to any Czech. So, dont smile whilst standing in queues!!! You will look like you might know something :wink: :shock:
    We are returning to Western Australia for the Aussie spring and summer next week - but I am looking foward to coming back to Brno next year to learn Czech at schola!!! :D Nashledanou

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