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    My name is Ken Cernin and I am looking for info on Jan Cernin b. 1831 and his wife Katerina Kucera b. 1832. They are my great great granparents and I have hit a brick wall. Both were from Bohemia and immigrated to the US. Also my great grandparents Jan Cernin b. 1851 and his wife Mary Kleich b. 1872-1874 both of Bohemia all are buried in Nebraska. I would appreciate any info that someone could pass onto me
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    Hello, Ken

    I don't know if it is an useful clue, but I find the surname Cernín in my own genealogical tree. Marie Cernínová was born in Jindrichuv Hradec (Jihočeský kraj -- Southern Bohemia). Unfortunately, I don't know her birth date, but it was about 1800 or a little bit earlier. Marie was the second wife of Josef Honcz (Hanš), from Písek. According to the data I have, they had three sons and one daughter.

    The surname Cernín currently appears 93 times in the Czech white pages, but 68 of these occurrences refer to people living in Moravskoslezský kraj. :?

    Do you know by chance the name of Jan's parents or perhaps the town he was born?

    If you need further information, feel free to contact me.

    Good luck on your research! :)
  3. Karel Fous

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    As I wrote you in another your post - check to find persons at passenger's list between immigrants to USA. Year 1830 is pretty far from now, so closer informations about searching persons are grateful. Any old document showing any direction of future searching is very important. Look at my site what's neccessary for starting. Cernin or Černín is pretty common name at Bohemia, about 50 bearer of the name are at 1651 (including the noble kin).
    Regards Karel :)
  4. kcdec1965

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    Thankyou for all of your help. I have a copy of Jan b. abt 1831 and Katerina b. abt. 1832 Cernin wills. Katerina wills money to the parish church in Nove Hrady which is in Pardubicky near Vysoke Myto and Litomysl. Another person researching my surname claims that John Cernin son of Jan and Katerina was born in Vysoke Myto. I believe that this is the area they were living in prior to their immigration to the U.S.

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