Cervičková Františka

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    I'm from Argentina, actually living in Czech Republic. Someone from Argentina asked me for help, for finding information about her family. Her grand mother, whos name is Cervičková Františka, was czech. I will write everything I can read in her passport. I don't understand czech language, so it could be bad read by me, :roll:
    Passport N° 1008
    She borned in 1907
    She made this passport in 21.10.1947, or 1949.
    There is written where she was living, but I don´t udnerstand so well, something like: Chlum Chrudim

    I would like to make a contact with anyone from this family, the person who asked me for help would be a lot of happy.
    Any information you need for better searching, contact me at danielapaolacapponi@yahoo.com.ar

    Thank you very much, you have great page!

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    Hi Daniela,
    I think I can help with some research. I am working as a historian and however genealogy is not my specialization at all, I know some ways how to find people, or I know people who know how to do it and I can ask them.
    Just write me (puedes en espanol) and I will see what we can do.
    :) See you.

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