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  1. Yvan

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    It’s hardly possible to get closer to a famous subject for a more extended period of time than the access granted late helmer Pavel Koutecky by playwright-turned-statesman Vaclav Havel.
    From 1992, just prior to his election as president of the newly formed Czech Republic, through his defeat by arch-rival Vaclav Klaus in 2003 and beyond, this remarkably intimate cinema verite portrait of Havel at the helm is a revealing look at a tumultuous period and will thus stand as a fest mainstay that could do modest specialty biz prior to enduring shelf life.

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    Vaclav Havel could not be reelected in 2003 as it would be his 3rd period as president of Czech Republic, which is against the constitution (and common rule in many other states, including the US), so defeat is not a right word.

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