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Discussion in 'Movies, Music & Media' started by Valja, Jun 7, 2004.

  1. Valja

    Valja Guest


    While surfing the internet I came across some Czech bands & musicians: Raduza, Divokej Bill, Lucie Bila (and Lucia band), Gothart, Jaromir Nohavica, Cechomor.

    From the site, it is difficult to say what music genre it belongs to. Does anybody know what kind of music it is? Also, is it suitable for learning the language? Maybe you can recommend something that is both interesting to listen and where lyrics is fine for learning Czech?

    I've already listened to Wohnout and found it quite nice. Do you know anything like that?

    Many thanks in advance!
  2. ino

    ino Member

    Hi Valja,

    I like Raduza, she is singing clearly usually with accordion without any accent. She has very nice and strong voice! Web site:

    Jaromir Nohavica - he is very famous in Czech. His songs are about 'life'. He sings long songs, with little bit accent of North-East (Ostrava city).
    Web site:

    Divokej Bill - it's a rock band. I am not sure you will understand their songs because their music is a bit noisy so you cannot hear the singer clearly.

    Lucie Bila - no comment. I do not have any album of her. She has wild range voice.

    Cechomor - (CEsko MORavska hudebni spolecnost) - they play a lot of old czech folclore songs in modern style. Some songs are in old-czech language. I like Cechomor as well. Web site:
    I can recommand to you a movie 'Rok Dabla' where are Cechomor and Jaromir Nohavica (it is a movie about one year /but not real/ of concerts J. Nohavica & Cechomor. Acctually I do not know what is true and what not!!!)

    Gothart - sorry I do not know this band at all.

    Wohnout - it's kind of rock I think.

    Maybe you can try another band Znouzecnost - funny lyrics... web site:

    If you want to hear a sample of these bands try e-shop
    There you can download short samples of selected songs.

    That is all. I hope that I have helped you a bit :wink:

    cao ino

  3. Halef

    Halef Well-Known Member

    Raduza and Nohavica are folk singers (harmonica, guitar). Cechomor is "folklore made up-to-date". Lucie Bila is the most popular Czech singer (pop), Lucie is the most popular band (rock, I guess). They are not connected though. The other two I do not know.

    You can download some samples: Čechomor,
    Radůza #2,
    Divokej Bill,
    Lucie Bila (Flash required),
    Lucie (Flash required)

    I recommend Raduza - she not only plays very good music, but also the lyrics are quite easy to understand.
  4. maniacjwu

    maniacjwu New Member

    Don't forget to check out Helena Vondráčková, too!! And a few more you may want to check out are Leoš Mareš, and Black Milk. All would be considered pop.
  5. Karel

    Karel Well-Known Member

    Hi Valja,

    I know only of one Czech artist that pleases my heart and that`s Zuzana Navarova.

    Genre - world music
    Media hype - no
    Hysterical fans - no
    Art for art`s sake -yes

  6. Daniela Paola

    Daniela Paola Member

    I listened Czech groups and single singers, and... Raduza is great. Another one is Karel Gott (I don't know exactly the name). Cechomor is good too.
    My opinion: Try with Raduza... her music and voice style is great.


  7. Guinevere

    Guinevere New Member

    Hello, everybody! This is my first post on these boards, I'm so glad I found this place! :D

    I have yet to visit the Czech Republic (seeing Prague is one of my life's dreams), but I was last autumn in Slovakia, and I attended a concert of Zuzana Navarova, in Bratislava, in Klub Za Zrkadlom. It was a wonderful experience, that I'll never forget. :D

    It goes without saying that I was bewitched by Zuzana's music: I have a few of her albums, and, as I listen to them, my love for the music and the language grows, but so does my frustration :( It's clear for me that I want to learn Czech, but I don't think I can be patient till then to know what the lyrics say!!

    I have searched the net in vain for translations to her lyrics. Should I give up hope? It seems there's no fansite, and her site is not in English.

    Would anybody here (Karel? :) ) be so kind to help me get a better understanding of her songs?

    Anybody interested in organizing a fansite for Zuzana in English?
  8. Karel

    Karel Well-Known Member

    Hi Guinevere,

    Zuzana`s lyrics are difficult to understand for two reasons: 1) She`s a sort of surrealist song-writer, leaving reason aside. 2) She weaves other languages into her poetic Czech and makes some of her songs then all the more fuzzy.

    This song is from the album BARVY VSECKY, track #4

    Ve stinu mandloni --- In the shade of almond trees
    santalem zavoni --- a scent of sandalwood is giving off
    bez chyb a bez ptani --- without faults and without asking
    oni jsou spoutani --- they are fettered

    Ve stinu mandloni --- In the shade of almond trees
    oci si zacloni --- (s/he) screens her eyes with her hand
    jak slunce na dlani --- like the sun on one`s palm
    oni jsou spoutani --- they are fettered

    Nez snehy pod ledem --- Before the snows under the ice
    roztajou pohledem --- have melted away by a glance (by casting a glance at the snows)
    probud me ze spani --- wake me up out of my sleep
    oni jsou spoutani --- they are fettered

    Ve stinu mandloni --- In the shade of almond trees
    jen hlavu zakloni --- (s/he) but tilts her head back
    jak vlasy havrani --- like the raven`s hair
    oni jsou spoutani --- they are fettered

    K nebesum z Himalaje --- Up to the skies of the Himalayas
    ted tlucu ratata --- I`m drumming rat rat rat
    to ze jsou Himalaje --- that the Himalayas are
    petlice na vrata --- the gate on the latch/the gate fastened with a latch

    Nez Petr s ucasti --- Before Peter takes part in
    klicema zachrasti --- rattling with his keys
    probud me ze spani --- wake me up out of my sleep
    oni jsou spoutani --- they are fettered

    K nebesum z Himalaje --- Up to the skies of the Himalayas
    ted kricim Pepiku --- I`m shouting Pepiku=Josef=Joseph
    to ze jsou Himalaje --- that the Himalayas are
    petlice na kliku --- the door-handle fastened with a latch

    Ve stinu jabloni --- In the shade of apple trees
    v usich mi zazvoni --- my ears are ringing
    pro slzy vorvani --- for the sake of cachalot`s tears
    probud me ze spani --- wake me up out of my sleep

    Guinevere, I`ve got zero artistic talent but I`ve done my best. :D. If you`d like more songs to be translated, you can PM me. The reasonable number would be 2 or 3 songs now. I can`t do all her songs, which I hope you understand. Could you please forward her lyrics? I`ve got all my booklets and original CDs in the CR, and can`t catch everything while listening to her music. Above all, writting down her lyrics is very time-consuming. You would help me a lot. :D

  9. Guinevere

    Guinevere New Member

    Dear Karel,

    Thank you SOO much for this beautiful song, which is one of my favourites! :D (More in a pm.)
  10. pavelsan

    pavelsan Member

    The group called Wohnout is very popular in skate/snb scene for 4-6 years,but became popular for youngs at all.
    Take a look:

    Also available videos in Audio/video part.

    Sometimes they use very special Czech,so that even Czech understand :lol:

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