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Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by icedog, Dec 17, 2004.

  1. icedog

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    for walking around money in prague are both the czech currency and the euro both in use..... is it better to use one over the other.... and also (i'm a canadian).... are there things that north americans unwittingly do that czechs find annoying... thanks, dave

    HANICKA New Member

    Hi Icedog!

    I live in UK now but I am from Czech Republic originally and I would recommend you to take Czech Koruna because it is still the main currency in Czech. There is not many places where you can use Euros. You can buy anything with Koruna, it is just easier for you.
  3. Fotohuis

    Fotohuis Member

    In Prague it is no problem to pay hotels, restaurants, most shops in Euro. This is easy if you come from the Euro zone.
    But otherwise you have to change your $$ to Kc.

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  4. Jeff

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    The Euro is accepted in more stores nowadays, but you will not always get the best exchange rate. Prices are posted in Czech Crowns and you will receive change in Crowns.

    I think it is best to get your walking around money out in Crowns through an ATM machine.
  5. My Czech Republic

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    Hi icedog!

    I suggest you try posting your second question in a new topic. Questions added to an unrelated topic tend to get lost.

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