(CZ- EN) single phrase translation please

Discussion in 'Vocabulary & Translation Help' started by ammom, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. Majkl vP

    Majkl vP Active Member

    Icnorrect and awkward? :?: :shock: What a surprise.. I've already registered this phrase in several american movies.. and some song lyrics as well.. It might be a phrase of some black homeboy brothers from LA or whatever.. But anyway, I though these phrases are unified in all Englishes. Someone should clear it up - I'm sure I haven't cooked up this expression by myself.. :?
  2. meluzina

    meluzina Well-Known Member

    how about i'm ***ing fed up with canada - or i'm fed up with everything in canad?
  3. Majkl vP

    Majkl vP Active Member

    "I'm fed up with everything in Canada" means "Mám v Kanadě všeho po krk" in Czech. This is a kind of a polite expression of dissatisfaction although it means practically the same. However, the vulgarism used in the letter sentence leads to stengthening of author's bitter feelings.
  4. Eva2

    Eva2 Well-Known Member

    "to je tezky rict jenom me to v ty kanade celkem sere"

    Hold your horses, he/she is not about to commit suicide! Why did no one pay attention to the word "celkem"? In this context, it means "more or less". This person is mildly annoyed with life in Canada. The f-word is too strong. As others said here, pissed off is more accurate.
  5. Majkl vP

    Majkl vP Active Member

    My horses are calm - I was a bit hyperbolizing when writing about suicide. I was not sincere - I hoped the sign " :mrgreen: " was meaningful enough.
    You're right with that word "celkem" - it really mean "more or less" - but not in this context. When Czech says so in such an irritaded-sounding sentence, a better word to translate into English is 'pretty'.
    And what about the f-word - do you think it's too strong? What about the original Czech word "sr*t"? Do you really believe it's milder than the English f-word? Or are there some even worse expressions in Czech? I don't think so. It's the strongest expression Czech can say - why not to translate it by the strongest possible version in English?

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