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  1. meluzina

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    This thesis proposes to describe all the stages of THE information system development lifecycle

    i think sova is right with the handover - but i don't think transitioning is the right word (to me, transition involves much more of the internal processes at the company where the software is to be installed) - how about something along the lines of:

    from the submitter's task specification up until the delivery of the completed information system and its acceptance by the submitter. ?????

    as far as the made-to-measure is concerned - i would go with custom-made rather than or customized (customised to me infers a packaged product that is modified to meet requriements rather than one that is designed from scratch)

    (i would like to add though - i think made-to-measure is used by native english speakers (or at least this one :D - as i am considered to be a native english speaker believe it or not) - there is even a company called made to measure software operating out of massachusetts...... )

    another option would be to use "client" as compared to submitter - at the company worked for, we used the word "requestor" as well
  2. scrimshaw

    scrimshaw Well-Known Member

    My input, for what it's worth.

    This thesis proposes to describe all the stages of information system development lifecycle (all the stages of the lifecycle of ISC). , from the submitter's task specification to the handover* (return) of the completed information system back to the submitter. For the design of the information system itself, the Unified Process methodology and UML2 modeling language are used. The main goal is to develop a made-to-measure**(customized, submitter specific) information system for calculating payroll according to the submitter’s requirements – i.e., a system that simplifies the process of calculating salaries and printing wage slips, supplemented by a module that allows communications with an internet banking system. This thesis captures the iterative evolution of an application through its Inception, Elaboration, Construction and Transition phases according to the selected methodology. Within the scope of development, a functional application satisfying [a/the]*** submitter's requirements was created. The application is available on the enclosed CD. The final goal of this thesis is to serve as a broader(an all encompassing] example for future students of this methodology.

    Iterative evolution....unless your audience is familiar with such technical language, don't use it, it would be considered jargon. But maybe in such a field, the word 'iterative' is common. To me it is not. Maybe I'm showing my ignorance.

    This thesis describes, explains the steps of an applicaation....

    'customized' and 'according to the submitters requirements' are coming close to being redundant.

    Now I'm nitpicking.
    Hledám vlasy na dlan.
  3. Alexx

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    OK, let's finish this - I made some changes according your propositions (deliverz, custom made, add some more the's), it is pretty unlikely some native will read this thesis (or at least it's abstract), and even if that would happend, this is gonna be one of the best english abstracts in my class, that is for sure.

    Yes, iterative is very important word here, oposite of "waterfall".

    (in czech "iterativní přístup" vs. "vodopádový přístup").

    Audience is really familiar with such technical language :), there is no way someone "normal" will read it.

    EDIT: one note to that "redundancy" issue - I know about it and this is purpose - we were tought, in project of information system, to use only one synonym if possible - not to use once "submiter", second time "client", than "customer" - all terms used in project must be unambiguous. I know this is against normal rules of writting, not only thesis, where vocabulary should be rich.

    So, thanks, thanks, and thanks again to all of you.
  4. Sova

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    Interesting. I'd never heard it before. I've heard "made-to-order", "customized", "custom-made", "tailor-made", "tailored", etc., but never "made-to-measure" (Maybe it's my Southern upbringing :lol: ). I'm sure it's an accurate expression (it's in OED), and it's understandable, but just sounds awkward/contrived to me. Thanks for catching the "the" I missed!

    And Scrimshaw, the word "iterative" is indeed very understandable and descriptive, even to a much broader technical audience (e.g. myself :D ). I'd agree with DjAvatar, that it is essential to keep that word.
  5. dzurisova

    dzurisova Well-Known Member

    I haven't a Southern upbringing and I've never heard it either.
  6. meluzina

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    hmmm - made-to-measure - soemthing i heard quite a bit of in california - granted, it probably did originate in the the clothing industry (but then again so did tailor-made - which i think someone else suggested?) just from a quick google tough, it has been adopted for other things as well -

    including holidays:
    IT: ... _n18306064
    mass transit:

    there's many more - granted some are foreign based sites, but the ones i have mentioned are from english-speaking counries ...

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