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Discussion in 'Vocabulary & Translation Help' started by McCracken, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. McCracken

    McCracken Well-Known Member

    I have found all the words, I think, but I can't make sense of this - can anyone help please?

    ona má seznamu i schody, které musí vyjít pokolenou, pak vyhraje v loterii
  2. Karel_lerak

    Karel_lerak Well-Known Member

    "she has on her list also stairs she has to climb on knees, then she can win in a lotery"
  3. McCracken

    McCracken Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your help - I am afraid it still doesn't make much sense to me. I'll have to try and ask the person who wrote it what they mean.

    You are right in that I missed out a word but in the original it is "v seznamu" and not "na seznamu". Does this make much difference?
  4. rsalc1

    rsalc1 Well-Known Member

    na seznamu = on the list/on her list
    v seznamu = in the list/in her list

    It doesn't make much difference.
  5. bibax

    bibax Well-Known Member

    Perhaps she is superstitious, she believes that when she will have fullfilled some (silly) tasks then she will win in a lotery.
  6. McCracken

    McCracken Well-Known Member

    Thank you all for your help.

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