Czech American Offering Machinist Position to Czech wanting

Discussion in 'Jobs Offered' started by Patsy, Nov 15, 2005.

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    Please assist if you can with info.

    I'm unfamiliar with Czech Trade Schools today. I am one of those Czech Americans whose family emigrated to Texas in the 1870's and 80's However, I do understand the value of Czech hands with regards to the crafts. I am interested in talking to young Czech machinists that are already trained but would like to consider emigrating to the US. Hopefully, I can get some dialogue going here. If there is another better site to hold this conversation I would appreciate hearing about it.

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    I think that you may meet some problems with this Patsy.

    I assume your company would sponser the visa, but for a young Czech with only trade school education to gain a work visa to the states is VERY rare. Visa's are only issued to the under 25 gang if they can prove stablity and a concrete reason to return home. This is best done through a formal education with strong family ties, preferably older people. They tend to have roots to return to...

    I work for an engineering firm here and as a result, know many young Czechs with blue collar experience only (from our manufacturing division). Not one would be granted a visa to my knowledge...

    I have spent much time debating this with the issuing office, for several Czech friends of mine which came to the states. One time, the whole family was with me in the states, yet they denied a visa to the last family member! One month of fighting with them and a few calls to the congressman of my district did the trick, but such crap is uncalled for. Add to that the RFID/biometric passport issue (which the jury is still out on) and the odds are bad for those that you seek..

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