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Discussion in 'Culture' started by iluvuma1, Jul 8, 2005.

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    I just read an article saying that the London bombings originated from probably the Czech black market- which makes the plastic bombs used. Any insight on this? Is underground mob/crime like this visible in Czech society?
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    I heard that Prague was a gateway for terrorists to enter Europe, but I heard that awhile ago and can't even remember where... It would be interesting to know if it is true or not, and if not how the rumors got started...
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    I would imagine that that information is false...

    true, semtex plastic explosive does originate in the Czech Republic and is used by many terrorist factions across the world...however, it isn't a gateway for terrorists. The Eastern European mafia is a lot less strong in Czech Republic than in, say, Slovakia. Also, it would not be in their interests to help terrorists in that fashion.

    Organised crime is visible in some of the more seedier bars of Prague, Olomouc etc. but you learn pretty quickly how to avoid those places. Also, the crime takes the shape more of prostitution and sex trade.
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    I tried to ask my cop boyfriend about this, but due to my poor czech I didn't get much out of him. He did explain to me that no terriorists would attack here because we (the Czech republic) have the best bombs in the world. Now, no detail here again due to lack of language. Anyone have any idea what he might be talking about? The Czech Republic, as I recall, does not have any weapons of mass destruction though, so I'm a bit confused...

    Okay, I'm an idiot, I just read the article and we have the best plastic explosives in the world... That is what bf must have been going on about...
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    I have the impression there is terrorist nest just in front of the main post- office of Prague. There is always a watcher on duty leaning against a car, and scrutinizing people who approach it.
    I suspect plenty of people will agress me verbally after they have read this message. I don't care. :lol:

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