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Discussion in 'General Language' started by WKPlamen, Aug 16, 2004.

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    This is my first post other than on the Introductions board so please don't flame me for asking this. It must have been answered before but I have not seen it and I have been unsuccesful searching on my own. I use the regular old American keyboard and often type in the German language. In German I type alt 0223 for ß and alt 0252 for ü, etc. I am just getting into typing some Czech and I don't know the alt keystrokes for typing the special Czech characters - well for the dlouhy znak on some letters I guess I could use the French-like accent grave. In the past I was instructed to just use the single apostrophe following a letter that carries the me'kky znak and to forget about indicating vowel sound length. Please pardon my ignorance but I see folks around here using the proper characters and wish I could also. Are they using a special keyboard? Thanks in advance for your help.

  2. you can download a czech keyboard. thats what i did. i dont leave america for the czech republic for 2 days and i type in czech on my keyboard here. i think its like where you can get it. and you can switch it back and forth from english to czech. hope that helps
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    You can install Czech keyboard to your operating system. Then you get very similar layout to the American one, just the Z and Y keys are switched, and you are able to write the accent letters using the top row of keys.

    If you are using Windows, just go to Control panels -> Keyboard -> Add and choose Czech. You can then switch keyboards by pressing (usually) left Alt + Shift.

    The only problem will be remembering the layout. Bohemica has some help.
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    Thanks Halef and Chicadee for the info. As it turns out though, either because I am using Windows XP or it is something that Dell does with their computers, when I go to Keyboard on the Control Panel I get different choices than shown on With some other help I was able to find the proper area though. With my OS I can go to Control Panel, Regional and Language Options, Languages, Details, Add, etc. Now I have choice of three keyboards, English, Czech and German with a language tool bar where I can just click through to the desired language.

    By the way I am curious why there is now "n with a haček". Even the Czech keyboard displayed on Bohemica does not show the n haček unless I add the haček on after the letter like žizenˇ.
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    Some letters must (and all can) be written that way - there are not enough keys :) Just press hacek (Shift + accents key) and then n, and you will get ň.
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    hi here are the ones if you don't want to download anything:
    á: alt 0255
    š: alt 1544
    ž: alt 0158
    ý: alt 0509
    é: alt 0233
    í: alt 0237
    but I do regret to say that when you want to write r with the hacek, it comes up as ø...but it still works, so it looks like that to you and me, but it looks like r with hacek to Czech computers. (alt 0248). C with hacek is the same way, but it looks like this è (alt 0232).
    That's all......mej se hezky.
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    Thanx for the info.

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