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Discussion in 'Expat Life' started by p3_141597i, Jun 13, 2004.

  1. p3_141597i

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    If we get married to a czech citizen, and want to live in CZ, can I become a Czech Citizen by marrying the Czech national, or is the process complicated like here in America? Thanks.
  2. Halef

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    Yes, you can.
    You just have to fulfill several requirements:
    - no intentional crime commited in last five years.
    - you are allowed to have permanent residence in CR
    - you can speak Czech

    Czech law generally does not allow several citizenships, so might have to give up your current one.

    However, I do not think you have to be a Czech citizen to be able to live here. To apply for permanent residence, you need:

    - 2 photos :)
    - valid travel document (passport)
    - some paper explaining why you want to live here (i.e. marriage certificate confirming marriage with Czech citizen)
    - proof that you have enough money (you get salary, your wife is very rich, you have found a diamond mine in Krkonose,...)
    - criminal records statement
    - proof that you have some accomodation here

    See the Interior ministry web.
  3. p3_141597i

    p3_141597i Member

    I'am more interested in getting just the Czech Citizenship. but I will need to wait two more years until my US army obligation is over, by then I hope my Czech is proficient enough to grant me the citizenship. Thanks for your help it was much appreciated. Cau.
  4. Djackie

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    hi there,

    i have checked out "Act No. 40/1993
    on gaining and losing citizenship of the Czech Republic,
    dated December 29th, 1992" and realised that if i am a spouse of a czech citizen and if i could speak czech and if i would renounce my current citizenship, i can apply for the czech citizenship . . however, when i wanted to confirm it with the embassy . . they told me that i must have to stay in czech for the whole 10 years in order to apply for czech citizenship . . can you please advice?

    thanks in advance.

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