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Discussion in 'Looking for Ancestors' started by Phulsey3124, Nov 1, 2005.

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    Hello there
    Anyone can help me to found out how to get my citizen i was born in Czech i left the country with my parents in 1989 i was 8 years old and now im 30 yo
    i already ask for citizen and they told me that im not allow because i get my canadian citizen in 1995 and if i get it befor 1993 i well be allow any help please thank you .
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    Well, I never read this post before and find it interesting. Not because I want my Czech citizenship back because I have my US citizenship, but I do love my home country.

    We, my mother, father, 3 half-brothers and I) left Czechoslovakia in early December 1948, escaping through the woods in the middle of the night, living in Germany in various refugee camps until my father was hired by Radio Free Europe. Not sure what he did for them, but it was in the music area. We received housing from RFE until we emigrated to the US in January 1952. We never looked back, never contacted relatives, but I was given the love for my homeland from my parents. We spoke Czech at home all my life and I still speak it today without an accent. However, since my mother's passing I have forgotten many words because I do not practice it on a regular basis. I try to get to the Czech Embassy in DC to practice my Czech, but that is limited.

    In 1968, when I was graduating from college, my mother and I decided to get our US citizenship (my father had passed away in 1962, still a Czech citizen) and so I gave up my Czech citizenship and became a US citizen. I have never regretted it, even after the freedom of the Czech land and the formation of the Czech Republic.

    I do have a GREAT desire to visit my homeland, to see the home I was born in Mrazov, by Mariansky Lazne. Find relatives that I know I have, but because of family circumstances, have never been in contact with. I know I have half-siblings from my father's first marriage. I am certain that they have had families of their own, so there must be nephews and nieces. I have had little success in finding them. I tried to get assistance on this board with no success. I have tried to contact someone who may be a relative - Hockey player Jan Hejda -through e-mail, but he has not responded.

    One of my half-brothers was in the Czech Republic a number of years ago and was able to meet some relatives on his father's side because of another relative who lives in Munich that they found. It was a great experience than I hope to have, not only for myself, but also for my children who have a limited family here in the US and for whom I want to leave some more about their Czech heritage..

    Maybe someone out there, new on the board, can help me.
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    Maybe you are still Czech citizen. It looks like it were your parents who applied for your Canadian citizenship. The law states: "dobrovolnÄ› nabyde" - "consentingly get". Maybe you was not consent with your parents that time :wink:
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    I think you lost your CS citizenship becasue of the threaty between CS and US (valid 1928-1997). It happened before 1990 so If you change your mind then you can get CZ citizenship back. Just contact czech consulate, they will help you.

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