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  1. I recently read a little bit about a Czech film festival. Are there any Czech films that anyone could recommend to me?
  2. whoops, this belongs under a different topic. Sorry guys, i'm new. Is there anyway I can delete this?
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    I went ahead and moved your post to the Movies forum as per your request. It might help others reading this thread if you explained which type of movies are you interested in. Drama? Historical? Fairy tales? Comedy? Or perhaps you're only looking for something readily available in the US?
  4. Thanks for moving my post. :)
    I'm looking for something available in the United States firstly however if there is something you recommend that wont be easily found here, please suggest it anyway. In terms of genre, I am not picky but would be interested to watch films that display czech culture as well as good filmmaking. I know that last part is a matter of opinion so just let me know.
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    I would like to see czech films too. Sometimes I am lucky enough to find some movies in the library, but that is rare.
    One I remember is Ostre sledovane vlaky-Closely watched trains.
    Cerny a bily, s nejakem malem chlapec, ktere se jmenoval Milos. Byl tak pysne dostat hezke misto na stanice vlaku. Matka take byla tak pysna.
    Film nemel stastny konec. Ale bylo to hezke film o mladezi a jeji myslenky o sebepochybnosti. Film se tyka na lasku a valku.
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    Hi Folks,
    subterraneanhomesick, last week I saw a Czech film on the Sundance channel called Little Otik (Otesánek). I have to admit to me it was really pretty good. It is on the IMDB site and you can watch a trailer and get some information about the film. It is in Czech and has English subtitles. The genre is comedy-horror and it was pretty funny. The US distributor (I think that is what they are) is If you search they have it. Or if you have the Sundance channel it comes on again on 25 January at, get this, 4:15am Eastern time, 3:15am Central time and 2:15am Mountain time. I told some of my friends that live in Brno I watched it and they (much as I was) were surprised that a Czech language film was shown on TV here in the US.
    As far as good film making, Otesánek won 2002 Czech Critics Awards for Best Feature Film (Nejlepsí Hraný Film Roku).

    Have fun!

    Just to let you know I have watched it three times since I first saw it. :D
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    Yes, Švankmajer is fascinating, but I think Otesánek is one of his worst films. His last film Šílení is much better and my favorite Švankmajer's film is Zánik domu Usherů based on E. A. Poe's "The Fall of the House of Usher".
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    If it is one of his worse I will have to see the others.


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    Hi, Homesick -- It would be interesting to hear from the "locals" on here what they think of the film, "Kolya." I really love it but that's from an American point of view. Anyway, that's one I'd recommend.

    I also enjoyed Zelary, but heard from a Czech friend who lives here in Lawrence that she didn't think it was worth seeing -- but I don't know if that was simply a personal preference or a cultural one!


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