Czech-German border shooting

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    I once read an account of an incident on the Czech-German border during the later communist years, in which an innocent German bushwalker was shot by Czech border guards who'd strayed across the border. When the mistake was realised, the body was carried back across the border an the whole thing was covered up.

    I'd like to find out more about it, or read the same report again, but I'm having trouble with google and wikipedia, becasue I don't know the name of the location.

    Do any of you know what/where it is? If so, thanks in advance for any responses.

    (If you don't know about the shooting but do know about a more appropriate thread on which to post this question, i'd be grateful to know about that too. Ta muchly!)
  2. eso

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    I never heard about this incident.
    I remember story about Czech, who tried to escape behind border to West Germany, he was pursuited and shot by Czech border patrol when he was already on German bank of river, but his body was carried back to Czech side.

    Your story seems peculiar to me, because during Cold war, buffer zone on Iron curtain borders was 2-5 km wide and nobody without special permit wasn't allowed to just walk there.
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    If i remember rightly, it was combination of errors. The Border petrol were told to be on the lookout for two poepl escaping to the west, but they mixed up their location and the german bushwalker also got closer to the border than he should have. I'm sure it's somewhere along the south-west border of the country...

    Can anyone else help?
  4. pismomalir

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    Never mind, I got an answer from a different forum. It hapened in 1986 and the vicitm's name was Johann Dick

    Thanks anyway for your (somewhat sceptical) answer :?
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    Yes, it's in my nature :)
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    And you say it with pride :wink:
  7. eso

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    Well, yeah! :)

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