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Discussion in 'Culture' started by jimmy1185, Dec 10, 2004.

  1. jimmy1185

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    been talking to a gorgeous czech girl for a while now and am starting to find out just how different they are to english girls. she says her mates will all be married and have kids when she goes back home for christmas, they're about 20 :shock: , and how keen she really is to study(you find a fit girl in england that works hard as well!!!!). my question is what are the chances shes still a virgin, this i just cannot ask her i just need to know if most czechs wait for marriage before having sex?
  2. ts

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  3. brigitte

    brigitte Well-Known Member

    Is it that important she is a virgin then? What's the big deal? :roll:

    What if she isn't!! Will you change your opinion of her?
  4. Sílený Jízda

    Sílený Jízda Active Member

    Your chances of finding a 20 year old Czech virgin are about as good and likely as finding a 20 year old American virgin. Slim but possible. It all depends on her morals and upbringing.
  5. Sam Chen

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    I think it'a good chance and not easy to get for Czechs (at least, relatively not so high average compared to other countries.) to work or study abroad. That may be the reason they work and study hard. Yet this still depends on individual's cases. But I don't think Czech people are working addicts. Especially being a Taiwanese myself, I can say people here are occupied by work and study all the time.

    Getting married and having kids at early 20? I don't think this is common in Czech either. I have to say that's a brave action!

    Also, it really doesn't matter if she is a virgin or not. Maybe you're just curiuos about that. Maybe you'll find out by yourself when you're getting closer to her. Good luck!
  6. Irish_student

    Irish_student Active Member

    Don't be such an you really care? Or at least, should it really matter?
  7. brigitte

    brigitte Well-Known Member

    It seems to matter enough to post here to ask such a question!

    Mate, is it an ego thing that you can possibly bag a virgin? Do you want to be the 'first'? It comes across to me, that by asking this question here, rather than trying to find out by asking her properly that you would probably boast about any success you would have in bedding her if she was a virgin. Therefore she is probably best staying one if that is the case. Don't get me wrong, natural curiosity is fine, it is the case with a lot of men, wondering if a woman is a virgin, but most men tend to ask the woman in the course of a courtship! Then they get their answer. Why can't you ask her? If you engage in a relationship with her first, and the relationship develops naturally to a sexual level, and she is consenting, then she will no doubt let you know about her virginity! By saying you are just talking to her - not dating her it comes across to me that if she was to say yes, then you would probably pull out all the stops to sleep with her for your own personal gain. Then it would be more of a triumph for you to have taken her virginity, and how quickly would you lose interest once you had slept with her. You have to ask yourself this!!
  8. Sova

    Sova Well-Known Member

    If Jimmy is interested in knowing if Czechs typically wait for marriage to have sex, he is most likely not interested in "bagging" a virgin, just for the sake of being able to boast about it to his friends. He's probably thinking a little more seriously than that.
  9. jimmy1185

    jimmy1185 Member

    sorry for being to vague i dont want to 'bag a virgin' im just interested to know because when she said her mates will be married and theyre about 20 i just thought maybe theyd be a really christian country or something and all wait marriage before sex....also i really dont know her that well to ask something as personal as how many blokes shes had if any!
  10. brigitte

    brigitte Well-Known Member

    No probs, Jimmy! I should apologise, really, as I was a bit strong in my comments! It is a difficult subject to broach - I shouldn't have made the remark about 'bagging' , it was a bit presuptious of me! Sorry about that.

    Hope you have some luck. :)
  11. Sílený Jízda

    Sílený Jízda Active Member

    The last numbers I saw about religion and the Czech Republic was split about 80/20. That being 80% atheists and 20% Christian and other religions. It was quite a sharp turn around considering before Hitler, Communism, and other tragic influences it was around 20/80. Being 20% atheists and 80% Christian back then. It was shocking to see the change in such a relativly short amount of time. Considering the past and the Church's influence along with the architechture many religious groups look at the Czech Republic as a "christian" nation while the numbers show otherwise. While morals are influenced by religion I've met some very moral non-christian folks in my time. You might get lucky in your quest for a pure woman but the chances are about the same as they are anywhere else these days.
  12. Eva2

    Eva2 Well-Known Member

    Hi Jimmy!

    I'am a bit dubious about the marrying trend at twenty. That was a generation ago. Nowadays girls usually marry in mid-twenties or later. Either she is a Catholic from a small town or she is pulling your leg. Perhaps all the talk about marriage and babies is aimed at getting you to the altar. Not that I disapprove! :wink:
  13. Malnik

    Malnik Well-Known Member

    CZ govt statistics show that most popular age for getting married is mid to late 20s. Having children is therefore also later than say here in England or Australia.
    I had an animated discussion with my wife about this subject as in Uk and Oz, (my country), many children of 14/16 have children and for some strange reason its not frowned upon, almost encouraged. She said it doesnt happen in CZ and was horrified. I said it must happen everywhere as all peole are the same etc etc. We looked up on the web and found these statistics that showed she was right. Damn.
    I cant find the link but if anyone is really keen i will keep looking. Its interesting stuff. Many changes since communism died..
  14. brigitte

    brigitte Well-Known Member

    I think in the UK 14 year olds are normally frowned upon for having kids. Storylines in soap operas involving 13/14 year olds are currently ongoing. In general it is a sad sign of the times in the UK. I think in some countries babies are even born to even younger girls, but I think in their case it is culture, I'll have a look for that.

    Despite the amount of sex education, information and help available to young girls and boys, teens will be teens, same as people of my generation when we were teens. Except that when we were that age we were still very much children compared to kids today. Nowadays kids can get contraception advice, condoms etc at school. This causes great debate as to whether or not it should be the place of the schools to provide these things. Anyone in the UK may remember the kid who got an abortion via a school counsellor because she was too scared to tell her mum. Mum did find out and went to the papers, turning a private situation into a national news story! People here are torn between the mother's right to know, and the girl's right to privacy and confidentiality. The girl concerned is apparently pregnant again....

    It is frowned upon, it is just so difficult to prevent from happening.
  15. KJP

    KJP Well-Known Member

    maybe theyd be a really christian country or something and all wait marriage before sex....

    The country is 70 % atheist, a few agnostics that thank God for their stance (hypocritically) and the rest do worship

    most have sex as young as the slimy American Home girls do ! (I have become so against this home boy illiteracy thing, its a real turn off, I want to reach over and straighten their cap out)!
  16. Malnik

    Malnik Well-Known Member

    TV...soaps....dont get that down here in the cave....i mean station.
  17. brigitte

    brigitte Well-Known Member

    Need to get out more don't I :lol:

    Actually, I think you would get to see lots more interesting things in real life working on the Underground! And a lot more variety..... Soaps tend to glorify teenage pregnancies in my opinion, they say they are reflecting real life, but I think they encourage teenage pregnancies with such storylines. Some girls will think it is cool to have a baby, and copy the characters on the TV, only to realise that in real life things are completely different. As I said before, it is frowned upon in the UK, but it is very difficult for parents to deal with, often the first time they realise their teenagers are sexually active is when a daughter comes home saying she's pregnant or a son tells his parents before the parents of a girl he's got pregnant confront them for him! Usually a very traumatic time for both sets of parents.

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