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  1. melissarjv

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    I would like to surprise my husband with some of his family recipes for candies and cookies. I am in the need of purchasing some pastry and candy molds i.e. beehives and coffin like pastry molds. Does anyone have a place to purchase these items? I am also looking for recipes for any pastries and candies.

    Thanks so much. :D
  2. magan

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    Coffins are not easy to make. Proper oven temperature is very important as they have to puff up to create hollow inside, which is then filled with ISO whip cream bottle/maker making small hole in the top. Whip cream is also on the top (in tight zig-zag fashion). Whip cream part has to be done before serving. I have tried them years ago and gave up. I noticed that name of the pastry was changed to "case" for obvious reasons, however....they are known as "little coffins".

    I have found recipe (in Czech), which could be great for you as you don't have forms. I am not sure if they puff up and be hollow. I have not tried it and would be very interested to hear from you how it turned out.

    Rakvičky (without forms)
    (2 day process)
    3 egg yolks
    150 gr powdered sugar
    1 table spoon pastry amonia
    AGAIN 150 gr powdered sugar
    40 gr all purpose flour
    Whip cream to fill and decorate

    1. day whip egg yolks with 150 gr powdered sugar and 1 tbs amonia
    2. day add other 150 gr powdered sugar and all purpose flour

    Roll out dough 1/2 cm thick and cut with knife into strips 1.5"x4.5". Place on greased cookie sheet. Place in preheated oven (high) and after short time turn temperature to low. Prick finished rakvicky with needle. When they are cold, decorate with whip cream.

    Sorry, there are not exact temperature with this recipe.
  3. magan

    magan Well-Known Member

    Additional note k above recipe for Rakvicky. I have tried them out and it worked out well. They puffed up well. Just make sure that you allow enough space between them. Also they would not be all exactly same size like if you would use forms, but you will do better with this recipe than buying forms - you would need lots of forms. After baking, and when they are cold, you can store Rakvicky in closed container to keep them dry.

    (use one shot glass instead of form)
    1 box/bag of vanilla wafers to build uly on

    Walnut (nonbake) dough:
    140 gr round vanilla wafers - ground as walnuts
    50 gr fine ground walnuts
    60 gr powdered sugar
    1 vanilla
    2 TBS melted non-salted butter
    2 TBS non-salted butter
    2 TBS milk
    2 TBS rum
    Mix all above into soft dough (do not bake!!)

    Egg liquer filling:
    60 gr non-salted butter
    60 gr powdered sugar
    bit of egg liquer
    Whip into firm icing consistency.

    Pinch pieces of walnut dough and press in shot glass which you keep dry by about tea spoon of powder sugar (reuse for next one!) Make sure that it is hollow in the middle for filling and bottom wider part is size of round vanilla wafer. Remove from the form, fill with egg liquer filling and attach to round vanilla wafer (bottom).

    Good luck and let us know how it turned out.
  4. melissarjv

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    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

    I am so excited. Both of the recipes are ones that I have wanted for quite sometime. I will let you know how they turn out.
  5. brook

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    Some friends and I attempted to make those last year using ice cube trays...not recommended!! They didn't turn out so well with our make-shift molds. :p

    My favorite thing to make are koláčky, but I recently made these 'orange sticks' and they came out soooooo yummy, though the recipe makes a small batch. I'll include it here for you if you like. :)

    Adapted from Czech National Cookbook by Hana Gajdoštíková

    Orange sticks

    125g (5 oz) butter
    100g (4 oz) powder sugar
    100g (4 oz) marzipan (almond paste) - I recommend almond paste
    1 egg
    1 orange
    150g (6 oz) flour
    100g (4 oz) potato flour - look in the kosher section of your grocery store
    100g (4 oz) orange marmalade
    100g (4 oz) cocoa icing - I recommend simply buying chocolate, melting it over a double broiler and dipping the cookies in - divine!!

    Mix soft butter, sugar, crumbled almond paste, egg, and grated orange peel (quick tip: when baking, your ingredients will work best when all are at room temp). Add flour and potato flour, mix well. Fill pastry bag (or use a plastic sandwich bag and make a small cut on one of the tips) with dough and squeeze onto greased baking sheet in the shape of sticks or fingers. Bake for 10 minutes (325 or 350 depending on your oven). Cool. Join two sticks with marmalade, dipping one end in cocoa. Let cool or refrigerate to let chocolate solidify. Enjoy!
  6. melissarjv

    melissarjv New Member


    That recipe is great. I can't wait to share it with my family. I am trying to learn various pastry and candy recipes so this fits right in.

    Thanks for the response
  7. alice2072

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    I asked my mother for her Rakvicky recipe (coffins). It goes as follows

    3 Egg Yolks
    250g White granulated sugar
    1 Whole egg (optional)
    a sprinkle of vanilla (optional)

    Preheat oven to 400F
    Grease forms with unsalted butter
    Beat all ingredients on high until it becomes thick and fluffy
    Fill forms about 1/3 high
    Put forms on a cookie sheet

    Put forms in the oven and Immediately lower the temperature to 275F
    bake for 40 minutes

    Remove from forms while hot using oven mitts, and placing them on a tea towel.
    Top with whipping cream
    Most will have split tops, which is a good thing, because you can fill the inside too.

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