Czech pen pal visiting me! questions!

Discussion in 'Culture' started by steph_narkomanie, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. steph_narkomanie

    steph_narkomanie New Member

    I have had a pen pal in the Czech Republic for the past 4 years and she's coming to visit in a week, for 2 weeks. I am very excited, yet very nervous because we have never vocally spoken to eachother, yet she claims she knows English well enough. Her writing is ok, sometimes confusing with sentence structure but generally fine. I have learned some basic phrases for her arrival, but I was wondering if any of you have any good advice on how to make the language barrier less stressful. Any similiar situations, etc, feel free to help me out. And should I take her grocery shopping or anything? I know it is difficult to assume, but is there anything completely off-limits in discussion that most Czechs would be offended by, like communism? I don't want her to hate America, because this will be her first time and I want it to be fun.
    Thank you!
  2. quadc3

    quadc3 New Member

    I'm not czech, but I would say be yourself. She's obviously interested and trusting enough to come visit....also if you've talked to someone for four years, you should know by now what upsets them and offends them. My guess just have fun. If you think it will offend her, then don't say it....I mean she's a person just like you. I don't think just because she's czech that her feelings are completely foreign to your own. But hey maybe she's a homicidal maniac and the mention of blue birds sets her off in a rage. I'm honestly joking, and I hope you see the humor. You'll be fine if you just stay yourself. :)
  3. Shaka

    Shaka Active Member

    exactly!! and dont change how you would usually take a girl somewhere, she is czech, not an alien!
  4. guither

    guither Member

    I agree.

    Imagine it from the reverse perspective. You're going to another country and you actually have the opportunity to learn about it through someone who lives there rather than a guide book. You wouldn't want them to "avoid" anything for your sake

    When I've traveled to other countries, I've really loved it when I could spend time with someone who lives there -- find out what are the ordinary things they like to do. So much more interesting than going to the tourist sites.

    Regarding "offense." In my experience, people who travel are much more open-minded and less likely to take offense at something (that doesn't mean they don't have strong opinions about things -- just that they understand that the world is made up of a whole range of viewpoints).
  5. dzurisova

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    steph_narkomanie, I think it is very sweet of you to be concerned enough form this post. I think the other writers are a bit hard on you. I'm sure after talking to her for 4 years, you do know what might offend her. But you are also probably both excited and nervous and just want to be ready. That makes for a very thoughtful host. Enjoy your time with her.

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