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Discussion in 'Grammar & Pronunciation' started by hribecek, Oct 23, 2009.

  1. hribecek

    hribecek Well-Known Member

    I'm not talking about ř here but the normal czech r. Does anybody have any good tips on tongue position etc. for it. I've only recently found out that it's the main thing that singles me out as a non-Czech when I speak so now I've got a complex about it and am determined to perfect it after 4 years of blissful ignorance.
    Ř is also still a bit beyond me but I know this and am just unable to quite do it justice no matter how hard I try.
  2. GlennInFlorida

    GlennInFlorida Well-Known Member

    It is rather like a Scot or Spanish r...

    select "local Lingo" above to listen to examples.

    You might try to approximate the sound by pronouncing "prince" as "puhd-dince" more and more quickly until you have a single rolled r sound instead of a double d.
  3. hribecek

    hribecek Well-Known Member

    Thanks a lot for the tip.
    I've been trying your prince exercise and hopefully it's working. Unfortunately everybody just says 'yeah that's fine' and so it's hard to judge.
    Thanks again
  4. Ctyri koruny

    Ctyri koruny Well-Known Member

    At the moment I'm in this horrible interim stage where I roll all my Rs in English and don't roll them in Czech...
  5. Alexx

    Alexx Well-Known Member

    I guess czech word "pero" (pen) should be pronounced like something in between of spanish words "pero" (but) and "perro" (dog). ;-)

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