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Discussion in 'Culture' started by monikav, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. monikav

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    Hello, I'm doing some research for my Communications class, and since I am Czech I though it would be interesting if any of you could help me with some input. My professor asked for each student (me) to come up with as many "sayings/slogans" or perhaps ideologies that they (me or you) grew up with. (A funny saying to explain something that is generally true).This can pertain to anything. Not an ideom neccessarily. I was just wondering if Czech's had any good "rules of thumb" they live by.
    Thank you for your help! I will let you know how my class discussion goes. I'm hoping with your help I will have some new slogans to offer the class.
    :D Monika
  2. scrimshaw

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    Hi Monika, nejsem čech ale moc se mi líbí říkaní, "Jdeš pořad kolem horké kaše. And we would say to that, "trying to get you to come to the point of the matter is like pulling teeth."

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