Czechs not friendly?

Discussion in 'Culture' started by Dan, May 16, 2005.

  1. Dan

    Dan Member

    I just joined a local Sokol, mostly Czechs although there are a few Slovaks and a significant number of members that are non Slavic but join because of marriage to Czechs. By the way, I joined, even though my background is Slovak, because of gratefulness for the very inexpensive Czech language classes that they offer and the similarity to Slovak culture and language.

    Several of the Czech American members have told me that Czechs in general are not that friendly. What is your opinion? I don't necessarily agree. I find that most Czechs are very frendly or at the very least, not unlike any other nationaltiy with varations depending on the individual.

    If there's any truth to this at all, I would say that there tends to be a tendency toward keeping emotions below the surface level, and a tendency to not be rash about judgements. And I would add that I rarely see boasting or loud talk among Czechs. They seem to quietly enjoy life, friendships, don't want to intrude on others etc. But I would never use the word "unfriendly". In fact, they seem to me to be very warm in a soft way just not loud or dramatic with their thoughts or emotions.

    The next time I hear a Czech American say that Czechs are not friendly, I may ask:
    "Compared to whom"?

  2. Jana

    Jana Well-Known Member

    Thank you - your description of Czechs is just perfect :) .
  3. Sova

    Sova Well-Known Member

    I agree. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!
  4. Bret

    Bret Active Member

    When I visited the Czech Republic last summer, I was treated very well. I think Czech's are good as gold. Reserved, but not unfriendly.
  5. Hogan

    Hogan Member

    I have checked out many of the "local" pubs in Prague and after the initial surliness, people are friendly. I think you get the grumpy stare when you go in, but when theyre satisfied you're in to enjoy the beer and respect the atmosphere then Ive found Czechs to be quietly gregarious. I think when a load of tourists go into a local and "take over" then its bound to annoy the regulars. And you can see their point. My advice is get in, drink beer copiously, always be respectful to the locals - after all you're a guest in their local and the atmosphere lightens within minutes. When Im in the czech I always find that if I ignore the initial (percieved) surliness and greet it with a positive response, by the time your leaving you're always sent away wamly. I kind of like the fact that Czechs take a while to warm up. Beats the happy-slappy "have a nice day" attitude for me. They dont strike me as a country of "bullsh*tters" if you catch my drift!
  6. GlennInFlorida

    GlennInFlorida Well-Known Member

    I agree with the positive comments above - found the people in Prague to be wonderful hosts as soon as you let them (instead of demanding as so many tourists are want to do). On the whole, found people in Czech Republic to be much more honestly friendly than a lot of folks here in "Tourist Friendly" Florida.
  7. kimba

    kimba Active Member

    I found the Czechs that I actually got to meet and know to be wonderful people. People out in the villages were helpful as well, except for the only one that was probably related to me!

    But - big but - I found it impossible to randomly meet a Czech person. The only Czechs I met were ones that were introduced to me. That was very depressing for me because I really love to meet people on my walkabouts throughout the day, and that just did not happen in Prague.
  8. Kozoroh

    Kozoroh Member

    I must agree, Czechs are such wonderful people. I cannot wait until I go there to teach geography and English or Spanish at school 8)

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