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  1. dzurisova

    dzurisova Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone,

    I have some sentences here but I'm wondering if you could give me the dictionary form of the verbs in each sentence.

    Thank you

    Někdo táhne vozík

    Někdo tlačí vozík.

    Policista se opírá o auto.

    Někdo rozsvěcí.

    Někdo zhasíná.

    Někdo tiskne tlačítko na televizním ovládači.

    Někdo se chystá stisknout tlačítko myši.

    Ona otvírá okno.

    Ona odtahuje záclony

    Ona zatahuje záclony
  2. Sova

    Sova Well-Known Member

    táhnout (táhne)
    tlačit (tlačí)
    opírat se (opírá se)
    rozsvěcet (rozsvěcí)
    zhasínat (zhasíná)
    tisknout (tiskne)
    chystat se (chystá se)
    otvírat (otvírá)
    odtahovat (odtahuje)
    zatahovat (zatahuje)

    Hint: If you enter the forms you're looking for in http://www.pravidla.cz/, you'll find your entry redirected to the infinitive (dictionary) form.

    Ex: For zatahuje (http://www.pravidla.cz/hledej.php?qr=zatahuje), the page will redirect to zatahovat ("Tvar zatahuje převeden na zatahovat").
  3. dzurisova

    dzurisova Well-Known Member

    Thanks! :)
  4. McCracken

    McCracken Well-Known Member

    Whilst on the subject of the "pravidla.cz" site (and I apologise if this has been asked before) there doesn't seem to be any logical order to the conjugation of verbs or the declension of nouns. Or is that just me missing something?
  5. bibax

    bibax Well-Known Member

    Yes, you are missing the substantial fact that pravidla.cz is based on Ispell (a spell-checking program for Unix which supports a large number of languages). The spell-checkers usually do not provide any additional information about particular forms.

    You can download the Ispell checker from the web. It is available for many languages, even for Vietnamese, Latin, Qechua, Manx Gaelic, ...
  6. phi11ip

    phi11ip Well-Known Member

    Pravidla.cz also contains quite a lot of errors. Try this site, I think it's a lot better.
  7. wer

    wer Well-Known Member

    Some of the less usual verbs needn’t be in dictionary in this particular aspect. Perhaps you have to look for the perfective forms:


    Don’t waste time with http://www.pravidla.cz. Use http://prirucka.ujc.cas.cz/ instead. It also supports the redirecting to the basic form (e.g. http://prirucka.ujc.cas.cz/?slovo=zatahovat) and it is much better.

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