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    Syllabification is easy in Romance languages (French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, etc.): it is always easy to cut up a word into syllables. There is no problem in German either. In English it is often quite difficult, e.g. lavender > patronage > pa-tron-age (where one would expect pat-ro-nage), photography > photo-gra-phy (where one would expect pho-tog-ra-phy)

    What about Czech?

    Many words do not pause any problem, e.g. rodina "family" > ro-di-na. Others are easy because their components are obvious, e.g. bezpilotní "without a pilot" > bez-pi-lot-ní.

    Now what about a word like vydrhnutí "rubbing"?
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    It' easy in Czech language, when you'll be better and better in Czech, you'll be better in this.

    Now your question:
    vydrhnutí ---> vy-drh-nu-tí
    it's easy, because vy is "preposition" used in many other words, like vyzkoušet, vyzdobit and so on.
    drh is "root" of the word, e.g. drh-nout, z-drh-nout[/b]
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    Thanks a lot, Gementricxs.

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