Dual Citizenship-can someone help?

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    You can have dual citizenship, at least on the CR end of things. My father, brother, son, and I all have dual citizenship (CR and Canadian).

    I had my son in Canada. There were some hoops to jump through in terms of paperwork, and it took a while, but he was rewarded Czech citizenship in the spring (took about a year or so). It included getting his Canadian birth certificate translated, me sending all my documentation, and a lot of signatures (which were signed in Canada in front of a notary public).

    This is the inital email I was sent when I enquired about the forms I needed to fill our for my son. It includes links to the forms:

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    http://www.us-immigration.com/informati ... nship.html

    In a survey US immigration sent out to the world's nations... If the foreign national acquires US citezenship, does that national lose their originial citizenship....?

    In regards to the Czech Republic....

    "CZECH REPUBLIC (Retain) As per new law signed by President Havel in 1999"

    One keeps the Czech citizenship and attains US citizenship as a dual national. This is discouraged by the US, but is legal. No where is there a US statute requiring you to relinquish allegience to both the CR and the US in becoming a dual citizen.

    Get an immigration lawyer because you can't afford to mess it up. Overall, it all should be possible.
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    Oh yeah, for becoming a Czech citizen...

    No idea of giving up original nationality still applies though the text does say so.

    This is Wikipedia so don't blast me too hard please :(.


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