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    Hi Everyone,
    I've joined this site to try to get as much information about my forth coming visit to beautiful Prague!
    Seven of us over fifties are looking forward to sampling the delights of this elegant city.
    We will arrive here on November !3th. 2005. we shall be staying in ditrict one our hotel being 3 minutes from the main square.(Central Hotel)
    We are a young group at heart and have two musicians amongst our party.(guitarists)
    We have a notion that an evening at a traditional Beer hall with good food, an oooompah band and all the joviality that is usually associated with this type of evening.It may sound a bit naieve but we like to experience the touristy thing now and again.(but not hip hop/rap music/heavy metal/disco/bingo or chips with everything)
    We would like to taste the authentic food of Prague reasonably priced.
    I have joined another site and am reading as much as possible on the net as I can.I will have to make notes as there is so much to take in.
    I've made a note not to use the taxis and not to use the little booths that change currency.Also to be aware of the pickpockets at all times.
    I would be very grateful for any information that will make our visit an enjoyable one.
    We enjoy live music but not too heavy if you know what I mean?
    Thanks for taking time to read my humble request......Dylan(Wales)

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