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Discussion in 'Culture' started by gypzy, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. gypzy

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    Are there e-cards for name days? Like how someone can send an e-card for a friends birthday, holiday, thanks or anythingelse. Would the sites have English translations?
    I was kinda looking around on seznam yesterday just to familiarize myself with the language outside of my books and I saw that it was name day Robert. Since it was way up in the righthand corner I thought I accidently hacked into someone's comp :oops: . Then I figured it out :lol: . I sent my friend Rob(ert) an e-mail wishing him happy name day, even though he isn't Czech. He wrote back and thought that was cool. I thought it would be fun to send actual name day e-cards, if there is such a thing :roll: .
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  3. gypzy

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    Oh thank you. I looked on the MyCR site where it has English/Czech names. My mom's name is Lynn I could not find equiv? My mom would like the lazy kitty card.
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    Lynn is one of those names that nobody really knows how to define and, therefore, translate. I think the best you can do would be Lina or Linda.

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