Elizabeth of Bohemia

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  1. gypzy

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    Who was she? I heard she was a German Princess and philosopher. That seems pretty cool since not too many women were considered philosophers.
  2. eso

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    Eliška Přemyslovna (born 20 January 1292, died 28 September 1330) was Queen of Bohemia and mother of King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV.

    I'm not sure if philosopher is right term. She was very active in politics (with some cloak and dagger aspects :).
  3. wer

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    Maybe it’s Eliška Přemyslovna (Elisabeth Přemyslid, Elisabeth I of Bohemia), but eso is right she was active in politics, not in philosophy.

    Or maybe her rival, Eliška Rejčka (Elisabeth Richeza of Poland, Queen of Bohemia). She was known for the charity in last decade of life.

    Or Eliška Pomořanská (Elisabeth of Pomerania, Queen of Bohemia), the 4th wife of Charles IV, but her “philosophy” was rather breaking of swords :wink:.


    Gypzy, there’s a lot of Elisabeths of Bohemia in Czech history, could you be a little more specific?

    I guess you mean the daughter of Frederik V, the Winter King of Bohemia. She is known for flirting with philosophy, but she is “of Bohemia” only in a very formal way. Her father was deposed King of Bohemia. See Wikipedia (especially the external link The Woman Who Took on Descartes) for details.
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    I am not sure which one. Since some friends asked me to join them on facebook I thought I would join up, even though I am the "old lady" on there. Anyhoo, I found a group to join that is for girls who's middle name is Elizabeth and famous Elizabeth's were mentioned. Only one Elizabeth of Bohemia was mentioned, so I don't know which one. The last one you mentioned sounds pretty interesting. Is there any more info about the others?

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