Emergency numbers

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    In case of emergency you can use the following numbers:

    112 – European number for all emergency situations - integrated safety system
    150 – Fire brigade - now also on the centralized 112
    155 – Emergency medical service - now also on the centralized 112
    158 – Police CR line 158 - now also on the centralized 112
    156 – Municipal Police

    In cases of danger it is important to remember that the 112 line established across the whole of Europe is mostly used by foreigners here, and therefore the staff operating it must have very good linguistic capabilities. For this reason at present it can only be used in regional operation centres, where staff with the right language skills can be provided. However, local operators can pass on any kind of call and connect the caller to a 24-hour telephone call centre dealing with the appropriate Integrated Safety System service in the nearest vicinity in a matter of seconds.

    Hope you won't need it.

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