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    Yes, yes, of course I understand that passive kill can also be intentional. I'm not talking in general terms here. What I meant was that in this particular situation (in the Lost episode - which I haven't seen by the way, so I don't know what's really going on there), the "active kill" may mean that it was intentional and specifically directed at the killed animal (the bear attacked with the goal of killing), not unintentional (e.g. the bear killed in self-defense because IT was attacked).

    Sure. It all depends on the context.

    "KoĊ™ist" means a kill/prey.
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    Thank you all.
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    one more thought on this

    Kill can be a verb or used as a noun.

    That is the lion's kill.. (that is the thing that the lioned killed)

    Active, meaning whatever killed it probably is not finished eating it and will come back for more.

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