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  1. Andy

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    A question for you czech ladies or men........As an english man I discovered the wonders of CR......mostly that Czech women are the best......well after some bad and good experiences I have found the Czech woman for me........Is it a czech custom to get engaged before marriage............any comments on the customs would be appreciated.

    thank you

    Andy :lol:
  2. Sam

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    Hi Andy,
    I'm not Czech, but my wife is so let me try & help you, I checked with her as to how it is, although of course things are changing quickly with younger people being much more influenced by 'Westernisation'.

    We did not get 'engaged' as such, you know how it is in the UK now, that some people might have been 'engaged' several times without actually getting married!! This is definately not the case here.
    We were living overseas at the time, so I waited for when her father was visiting, I bought her a ring & asked her by giving her the ring on the beach. I then went & asked her father.

    She tells me that the norm here would be to ask your girlfriend first & give her a ring (assuming she accepts), then go to visit her parents, take her mother flowers & ask for their blessing/permission (do this in Czech to impress!!!).

    Then it is not so much that you are 'engaged' as the English would term it, but that you are going to get married.
    There is definately no engagement party, cards, balloons or gifts etc etc.

    I wish you all the best, if she's only half as good as Petra, then you'll be very happy.


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