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    Jan Matejko - one of the greatests polish painters


    Ottokar Brzoza-Brzezina - polish general (soldier in both world wars) born in Plzen

    http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ottokar_Brzoza-Brzezina (in polish)

    Josef František - fighter pilot, a flying ace of the Polish Air Force of the World War II. Asked about nationality always answered " I'm polish"


    Gustaw Holoubek - famous actor and director


    Pawel Malinski - sculptor (1790 -1853)

    http://www.culture.pl/pl/culture/artyku ... nski_pawel (in polish)

    Aleksander Augezdecky (Aujezdecky) - printer (XVI c.)

    http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aleksander_Augezdecky (in polish)

    if you know any other examples of great czech polish of famous polish czechs please post any notes and links.

    polish and czechs are slavic neighbours, closely related nations of western slavs but still we don't know much about each other. Let's stop feeding stereotypes and learn something about us.
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    Kaplicky is an architect from CR living and working in the UK. He worked with Norman Foster before NASA, designing furniture for spacecraft. His buildings are very modern and space agey, futuristic looking. His buildings include the Lords cricket ground pavillion in London, UK.
    He's actually really quite good in my humble opinion. I think Kafka was Czech and his books really are excellent (metamorphosis, the castle etc). Also Mucha the poster artist of Parisian theatre company productions, calenders, etche also painted a huge series of paintings depicting the history of the Slavic peoples which is housed in his home town in Moravia.

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