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  1. jeff2

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    i wrote my father for $10000. to get my family out of Ukraine and to CR, and he claims he doesn't have it. he has a 28 ft. motorhome to run around in though. he retired from a natuaral gas company with lots of stock, and probably gets 10 grand in dividends per year from his stock alone. how messed up is that? he knows he's the only one who can help us.
  2. dzurisova

    dzurisova Well-Known Member

    Perhaps your father's debt to income ratio is quite high and he really doesn't have the money. Or perhaps there are other reasons causing him to feel no obligation or desire to help you and your family move. Is there a way to call him or write him to share your hurt feelings regarding his refusal to help you? It appears to me, the best step here is to honestly and openly discuss your feelings with your father and you may be able to come to some sort of compromise or at the very least a better understanding of each other's reasoning.
  3. jeff2

    jeff2 Active Member

    he lives in a half million dollar house near Richmond, Va and has 2or 3 Suv's plus a 28 ft. motor home. he banks with JP Morgan Chase. he just doesn't want to help. they bought me a plane ticket in october of last year, so that i could abandon my wife and kids, and come running back to them. i have a half brother that i haven't seen since he was 8, and he is 22 or 23 now. my father never claimed him or spent one penny raising him. the boy's mother committed suicide when he was 5. he was valedictorian of his graduating class.my father is just a heartless a**hole. he won't do anything unless he gets his way. 1and a half years ago, he promised to pay for all of our visas to the states. my boss over here, was going to foot $5000. for plane tickets for all of us. my father waited long enough, that my boss got transfered to the states.i just can't win no matter what i try to do for my family. i think i'm just going to sue my father in American court. i can do that from here. when the court orders him to pay, he will. so much for family.
  4. dzurisova

    dzurisova Well-Known Member

    Well the choice is yours - to try to talk to your father or try to sue him. Since I obviously don't know all the details I wouldn't know for what grounds you have to sue your father. I hope that you find the best and most appropriate way to accomplish the things in life that will make you and your family happiest.
  5. jeff2

    jeff2 Active Member

    he just doesn't care about us at all. my grandfather calls my wife,"that dam russian woman". my father feels about the same. i have 5 sisters with 11 kids, so he has all the grandchildren he wants. never mind the fact that my so is the only one who can pass on the family name. my one cousin with the same last name had a girl baby with his wife, and she already had 2 kids of her own. i doubt if they'll have anymore.i've watched my dad spoil everyone of his grandkids rotten, except for my kids. he is the kind of person who can't handle the truth. he wants to be lied to all the time, especially when people tell him how great he is.i'm just a plain, hard working man, who wil teach my children good values, and the value of hard work.it's really sad because me and my father used to be best friends, until i grew up. anyway, i can sue him for breach of contract. you may not be aware of this, but even a verbal contract is binding. so are e-mails in the states.i will sue him for all expenses incurred getting out of this country, and to a free one like yours.
  6. westmc45

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    Sounds like its time to lie I am from LA and you learn early on in BIG cities hussel to get what you want. Dude you can hussel to get out of Ukraine, Oh I feel your pain I have a Russian GF and get the same BS treatmenst from most of my family. Most all americans are stupid who dont know about Russian or Ukrainians, sounds to me your screwded any way so lie and get the money who cares they dont want any thing to do with you get what you can and leave.

  7. BMoody

    BMoody Well-Known Member

    some 2 cents yalls way... you might have a problem getting your wife and kids to the U.S. You can get them a visa to visit, true, but you will have to file for permenant residency before you come if you want them to stay. you'll need to prove that you and your wife can make ($26,000 a year I believe). If you cannot, you will need a cosponsor here. Basically, don't just fly back and expect it to be ok. You might want to file for her residency here first or else she will become illegal. I don't know about kids, haven't done that one yet. But, a lot of people make this mistake so this is a heads up. *I am married to a Czech women here in the US, and we are lucky she has a student visa... if not, she would need to stay in Czech while we filed... that would suck :(. * So good luck!
  8. jeff2

    jeff2 Active Member

    yeah, i went thru all this.i've been here so long they consider me a temporary citizen. according to a consulting agency near the embassy, all i have to do is file the paperwork, pay the fees, plus get daddy warbucks to fill out a letter of support. i even tried getting my w-2's from irs, but since i e-filed, and telefiled the last 5 years, i can't even get those. i love my country, but the economy is going to collapse soon. watch the google video," the energy non-crisis". according to one place that someone sent me a link to, that KLP Trade company is a scam. so at least i found out befor i spent any money.it just tears me up everyday looking at my 3 kids, and knowing i can do nothing to help them. lying, cheating, stealing might work, but i don't speak the language.no one to lie to, nothing to steal.i feel like one of these religious nuts sitting around waiting for the world to end.i have the internet, i will find a way.thanks for moral support though.
  9. BMoody

    BMoody Well-Known Member

    Glad you've touched on the paperwork before. I think it takes between 6 months to 13 months to file, so make sure you start on that ASAP if you want out soon.

    As for U.S. economy... I can find a job on every corner. Yeah inflation is up, but that is ok because it decreases US debt overseas by devaluating, and with dropped interest rates by the feds, the US economy has some real stimulus to grow. Plus, with low US dollar value, our products are more marketable to the rest of the world and even the EU is becoming frustrated that the US dollar makes trade with the US favor the US more and more. As for the "the energy non-crisis," it is not a big deal. It is simple... we pump the rest of the world into being dry, and then we are the only ones left with oil or natural gas. Better than having China or Saudi as the last ones on Earth with oil?
  10. jeff2

    jeff2 Active Member

    if you watch the vid, you will get the point. the economy is headed for the crapper, period. yeah i can find a job on every corner back home too. minimum wage. you can't feed a family of 5 on minimum wage even with food stamps. i tried for years to get out of West Virginia. i went to Winston-Salem NC, Charlotte, NC, etc. if you have enough money to stick around for 2 or 3 months, you might get a job. no, i wasn't fussy either. i applied for convenience store clerk jobs, as well as regular jobs.nothing. spent a $1000. to vacation for one month, that's all. i've been sent job leads that pay 40000 euro to 50000euro over here. i might get hired as a recruiter for one of these career sights. i don't even have a bachelor's degree yet. no one in the states will pay me that kind of money.if you get a chance, watch "loose change,2nd ed. remix" also on google video.maybe you will understand that all the terrorists are on capitol hill. i was a combat engineer in the military,and know alot about explosives. 9/11 was an inside job. you are going to see more and more Americans coming to Europe soon.i just feel real pity for the 5000 plus people who have died over a lie told by bush.
  11. BMoody

    BMoody Well-Known Member

    The job market here is fine for me. Granted, I am 2 classes away from a BA, but I have always found a job to sustain me when I needed. In the past 4 years, I have held 6 jobs. I keep changing because I pick low end jobs so they won't care if I quite by the summer for a break between school semesters. Right now, I have 2 jobs. One pays 10$ an hour as an intern, and another pays 18$ an hour to tutor students. I could get a lot more money, but I don't want to work full time. The county here might reasonably offer me a planner position paying 50,000 a year starting soon, but I want to go to law school. Basically, there are jobs everywhere. We don't think in terms of "if we can find a job," we think in terms of "which job do we want?"

    The economy is fine. I work in our County's demographics and comprehensive planning for developments. We are growing quickly, jobs are opening everywhere, and we are looking at a positive assessed valuation above inflation by a lot! Yes, the poor will get poorer with inflation, but the increased minimum wage will dampen that. If poorer people want more affordable lifestyles, they should move out of the cities to the outskirts where landvalue is cheaper. Rent there would cost half as much. People just don't think that way. Basically, that is why they are poor. Fortune has a hand in it too, but many people, in this economy, are poor by their own lack of doing. Not simply working overtime, but thinking of how to invest in themselves by education to job security.

    Europe, yes you can find a job, you are an American. In many businesses we are a novelty of sorts. Yet, many Europeans cannot find jobs at all, even the low paying jobs. I believe Europe to be the place to live in beautiful surroundings and a calm lifestyle, while the US is the place to make money. From my time working in Europe, I found this very true. Hard to find a job. Hard to find a job paying good money. Came to the U.S., (Nevada & California), and I found a job on every corner. High and low paying alike!

    The 9/11 stuff... we have a difference of opinion, to say the least. I work with firemen on their element of our comp plan. To them, very intimate experts on imploding buildings, the blowouts on those floors were natural temperature changes from so many thousand degrees of jet fuel burning through the floors. The heat and caving floors hiting the next floor down just happens to blow out windows and happens all the time. They think the physicist that proposed the theory is a quack.
  12. jeff2

    jeff2 Active Member

    have you ever lived in West Virginia? that's where i'm from. if i lived there now, me and my wife would both be working and getting welfare just to pay the bills. yes if you live near big cities, you can find jobs like that. i saw 200 people lined up for jobs at a new prison they built back home. the jobs started at $21000. a year and require a degree in CJ to get. i lived in Charlotte NC for a month looking for a job, and down there if you want a decent apartment to live in, you will pay $1500. a month and sign a year lease to get it. that means you have to keep paying the rent for a year whether you live there or not. as for 9/11, it was a controlled demolition. i had the cnn, and camera planet videos of it. plus i've watched 50 different versions online. the pancake theory sounds good, except for one thing. they forgot the central core of the building would still be standing. no steel and concrete building in history has ever collapsed from fire. there was one building that burned for 14 hours and never collapsed. but if you do some checking, a company called Securacom took over security on the World Trade Center 6 months before 9/11. president of Securacom was Marvin Bush, the prez's brother. new analysis of the tapes show that there were no jets that struck the trade center, it was missles. watch loose change, final cut. there is no sound of jets on the original tapes. it also shows a white jet, then a black jet crashing into the same building. same impact, different plane. trust me when i say i've spent thousands of hours investigating this since 9/11. i lost a cousin in WT2. i take it very personal.i also checked the list of victims against the Social Security Death Index. 90% of these victims don't exist.they must have used a computer program to come up with these names.you can also check out the fact that Prescott Bush, GHW's father, supported Hitler during WW2. we now have a bonafied Nazi in the White House, and a Nazi Pope as well. do some research. i'm sure you will start paying more attention to what our government does, and why.
  13. scrimshaw

    scrimshaw Well-Known Member

    The suggestion that the US government blew up the twin towers is hogwash.
    The conspiracy trash on the internet is endless. The surprising thing is how many people are willing to believe it.
    Expand your mind. Read something else besides the conspiracy hipe.
  14. jeff2

    jeff2 Active Member

    i still have my original cnn videotape here with me. it clearly shows the small flashes going up the sides of the towers just before the collapse. how about building 7 which wasn't hit by anything? never mind the guys on the internet. every military vet i've talked to in the last 7 years agrees that they were brought down by explosives.go to implosionworld.com and watch them bring other buildings down, then watch some 9/11 footage. exactly the same. a truck bomb was used in '93 to try to blow the place up. it killed a few people, but didn't even cause any structural damage. nether did a fire in the 70's that burned for hours.believe what you want.i know the truth. i also know when the government is feeding everyone a line of crap. it sounds the same as when the military feeds you a line of crap. bet you didn't know that there is no law reqireing private citizens to pay income tax.common collective knowledge is usually as useful as rumour control. i lit a candle, but the patriots want to blow it out? sit in the dark then.
  15. PGN

    PGN Well-Known Member


    Your father hasn't abandoned you, you're an adult. Your dad lives in Richmond yet your were living in West Virginia and Charlotte NC. Could it be that he feels that you have abandoned him?

    Your DD-214 will help you get a job and an education with a stipend while you are going to school.

    There's a chance that we my know each other, who did you serve with?
  16. jindrab

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    Jeff2, I think you are a sad loser. Why do you only want, want, want? You are 42. Is that not a time to be settled in life? Maybe your dad is tired of supporting you? Must say, your negative bull kept me reading. Perhaps you should think about publishing a book. Jeff2, get yourself together. You have 3 children wanting to look up to you. It doesn't look like they can do it at the moment.

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