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  1. meluzina

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    as far as maggi and podravka are concerned - they are both loaded with MSG - so you might want to watch out how much you use and how often - i've known people who have reactions to it - ranging from mild to quite severe...

    and msg is added to so many other food products, that it's easy to "overdose"

    just a few links in case people are interested:

    http://www.conqueranxiety.com/could_msg ... ct_you.asp


    but here's a link to a site wher eyou can order podravka anyway :D

    http://www.asiamex.com/proddetail.cfm?C ... ubCatID=49
  2. Polednikova

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    I've been using Maggi all my life and have never had any adverse reaction. But then again, one of those websites says that you'd have to have 3g of MSG in one go and that the average serving - don't know what in what foods - is 0.5g. So you'd have to be pretty sensitive...
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    Wiki says WHO study ruled out msg malignace.
  4. meluzina

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    i'm not saying that msg affects everyone - but like i said, i have known people have quite severe reactions to it - but the same can be said for other things as well - several medications that i can think of have undesired side effects in some people and none at all in others

    with msg, i think it is an allergy to it (same as some people suffer from hay fever and others don't) - my mother was extremely sensitive to even small amounts - resulting in extreme headaches and other symptoms - i only have problems when i combine it with caffeine (and i had a japanese collegue who had the same problem actually) - in that case it increases the caffeine effect...

    a few years back i had a friend who started suffering from headaches and heart palpitations - he went through all sorts of medical exams with nothing being found - after readin some info on msg, he cut out his habit of pouring maggi on everything and his problems went away

    just thought i'd mention it just in case...
  5. Irena M

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  6. Petronela

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    Have to totally agree with Meluzina.
    MSG is the devil!. :evil:

    Even if there is no allergic reaction I still hate it because of what it does to your taste buds/brain chemistry. Makes you want to eat more. However it is very hard not to consume any MSG these days, because it’s literarily everywhere. Almost any processed or prepackaged food has it, so avoiding it is really very challenging. Usually when I have a choice between brands MSG is one of the things I look at while deciding.

    Oh yeah Maggi. I actually seen it in wal-mart in the ethnic section, if anyone is looking for it in the states.
  7. Polednikova

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    I'm afraid I'm of the school that says life's too short for studying the small print of food labels... Good job I haven't got children and live in America; I'd probably be prosecuted for child abuse!
  8. meluzina

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    i am definitely not a fanatic about it - but, as far as reading labels is concerned, if you live in a household where people are on some sort of a health-related diet or suffer from allergies - both of my parents in my case - you do learn to read the labels because you run the risk of making them ill with your cooking (not that i'm the world's greatest cook, but i've not killed anyone yet)

    i wasn't in any way attempting to be critical or tell anyone what to buy or not to buy - just pointing out that msg might cause unpleasant symptoms for some people
  9. Polednikova

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    I didn't think you were criticising, Mel. :) I was just saying that I've always been too busy working to worry about whether I should or shouldn't eat something (unless it's fattening, of course :D ) and fortunately, I'm not allergic to anything, unless it's fattening, of course, when it makes me come out in big lumps, usually on my bottom, thighs, tummy...
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    I love this eating pancakes with things other than honey or jam idea... Czech food is great!

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