Female variant of the surname Kolinsky

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  1. H. Sattler

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    I'm a writer and one of my characters, a Czech CEO of a multinational corporation, has the surname Kolinsky. When I first gave her this surname, several years ago, I was unaware of the -ová suffix placed on the end of female surnames. I also found out that names that end in , instead receive an suffix. So, I was wondering what the correct female form would be for my character's surname: Kolinsková or Kolinská? My first thought was Kolinská but I'm not sure if the regular -y ending would count as the same as the accented .
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    Assuming the male form is "Kolínský" (with all accents), the correct female form is "Kolínská". This is similar for all names derived from a property (being good, lazy, blue, from somewhere...).

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