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    Hello All,
    First I would like to say thanks for all the useful info posted by the members on this forum. Being my first trip (work related) to The Czech (Brno)I am doing all the research I can to be some what prepared. This will be a 5 -7 week trip an I have many, many questions.

    First I would like to buy a cell phone so my family can reach me anytime they would like. Any suggestion on this topic would greatly help.

    Second, I will have a company car and I have heard concerns about driving in the Czech.

    Third, Will the locals tend to help you out more if you try to speak the native toung. Even if it's a struggle for me.

    Fourth, I love motorcycle racing / racing anything. My Sundays and weeknights will be work free and I would like to attend an event.

    Sorry for all the question by I wll be leaving in 10 day. Thanks so much in advance.......Andy

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