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    Well, a very special friend I met in CR a month ago is having her name day coming up. I do remember hearing from her that she has never received flowers from a guy before . . . now, I honestly don't know how true that can possibly be, but I still would like to be the guy to bring her her first flowers ever in her name day. It is, after all, not a big deal for me. However . . . I am in the States, she's , well, in CR.

    Anyone knows of any solid and honest flower shop in the southeartern Bohemia region that delivers?
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    I live in the UK and if you want to send flowers via online ordering I always use i have found them to be very good and they have a good selection.

    Good luck
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    I have arranged for flowers to be sent to someone in the Czech Republic from the U.S. using Teleflora a few times and it always worked out well. Teleflora connects flower shops around the world and they locate the florist closest to the recipient. You can find your local flower shop that is affiliated with Teleflora by going to

    I am also aware of Bohemia Flowers, but I have never used them before.

    Best of luck.


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