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Discussion in 'Sports' started by triggerj, Sep 21, 2004.

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    Alrite there,

    Me and a mate are off to Prague next week, and I was just wondering if any of you locals can offer any tips on the beautiful game over there. Sparta are entertaining Lyon in the Champions's League the first night we're there, anyone know if it's possible to get tickets for such a fixture?

    I presume the rivalry between Sparta and Slavia is just like in any city were two teams compete, but the only other chance we have to watch some of that local footie is Slavia at home in the league the saturday after. Any thought on this? Worthwile? What's the code of conduct on match days etc...

    Many thanks,
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    Check this out : ... ce=1000248

    In Particular :

    Tickets for the home end will be available in person only from the Sparta box office, in a package of three (for all home Champion's League games). These packages will be on sale, while stocks last, from the 22nd to the 26th of September between 09:00 and 17:30 at windows 1 & 2 of the box office. Maximum 5 packages per person. Unsold tickets for individual matches will be sold from 3 hours before kick-off from all ticket windows.

    Ticket prices: 500 CZK (approx: US$19.50, GB£10.90, 15.95 EUR) to 1800 CZK (approx: US$70.20, GB£39.24, 57.42 EUR)*

    For details of how to get to the Stadium, go here : ... 0(Football)

    Might go to the match myself - I fly out to Prague this coming Thursday, 23rd September.

    Its a toss up between the Footy, and Ice Hockey (Sparta Prague V. Bily Tigry Liberec) - Due to the players strike in the NHL, a lot of European players in the NHL have gone home, so it would a great opportunity to see Petr Nedved, David Vyborny, etc, live....Mind you, that probably means nothing to you if you dont watch Ice Hockey.....



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