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Discussion in 'Website Feedback' started by KJP, Jul 8, 2004.

  1. KJP

    KJP Well-Known Member

    100% you should have sections devoted to things for sale, jobs offered, and apartments...

    It is ONLY these 3 things that keeps the expats site afloat, and since they have such a control issue, and have POLLUTED their site with ads, we seek an alternative

    Add those topics and I know hundreds that would leave the expats site and opt for this....even with the .com you can aid in those of us that live here by adding those topics....please...very much dislike the expat site :}
  2. My Czech Republic

    My Czech Republic Administrator

    Hi KJP,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    We had previously considered adding a classifieds forum and have now added one for offers and requests for apartment rentals, items for sale, and jobs. If necessary, we will split it into multiple forums.

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