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Discussion in 'General Language' started by Winter, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. Winter

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    .... just out of curiosity, is HAJZL a bad/foul word in Czech?? I came across it recently, never heard of it before. Is it vulgar? :?: What are the English equivalents?

  2. Ir

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    My dictionary says it's mildly vulgar - the word on its own translates as 'the bog' or 'the can' (ie toilet). If you say 'go to the bog' it's like saying 'bugger off'

    I think you need an answer from a Czech person to know exactly how offensive/inoffensive it might be

    On the general topic of swearing, do Czech people swear much?
  3. Jana

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    "Hajzl" is definitely a bad word - it came into Czech from German, more precisely fromm a German dialect spoken in the region of Oberpfalz as a diminutive of "haus", i.e. a privy or dry closet. The closest English equivalent might be asshole or crook. The expression "Di do hajzlu" (vulgar as well) is something like go to hell, go hang; "je to v hajzlu" means it is lost, gone, broken, it simply went down the commode. Quite often, "hajzl" is replaced here by "háj" (woods) and if you say "di do háje" nobody will take it as vulgar but everybody will know what you mean.

    On the general topic of swearing - yes, Czech people swear a lot. Years ago, when my kids started schooling and bringing home bad words, we had a rule of five knee-bends for each dirty word used. Unfortunately one day, their dad was fixing the car and from under the car he could not see the kids were around. Accidentally, he hit his thumb.... and had to do sixty knee-bends, as the rule applied to everybody! And the vocabulary of my kids was definitely enlarged.
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    i use it when im somewhere with friends as its funny :)

    hajzl - toilet, a**hole (to curse on someone)
    (my favorite) hajzlpapír - toilet paper

    also commonly used in sentences as
    jdu na hajzl - im going to toilet
    je to v hajzlu - it has gone wrong

  5. Winter

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    ..... thanks for the replies everyone.

    I didn't know you could call someone hajzl as an insult. So, by what I have seen, hajzl is a common word.

    Ahoj ....

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