František Kališ-Nosalov/Elizabeth Selinger-Mseno, Bohemia

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    I have posted before about this family, but used the Americanized spelling of my great great geat grandfathers name, Frank Kallis. I have found out that his name was actually František Kališ. He had a brother named Josef Kališ. He was born in Nosalov in 1826. His wife was Elizabeth Selinger. I think she may have been born in Mseno on May 5 1835. I posted her brothers address on and got a few emails saying that the spelling I gave was wrong. Her brother, Wenzel, lived in Mseno in Melnik region. So I think maybe that was where she was from also.
    František's father died on June 18, 1850 at 5am. I do not know his name. His mother may have been named Elizabeth.
    A cousin told me that Elizabeth Selinger's mother's name may have been Lena or Lenka. The US 1880 census says her name was Hellen Selger age 78. The first find of the family in the US was in 1860, but Elizabeth's mother is not on US census' until 1880. Elizabeth's father may have been Anton.

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