Free Czech lessons for citizens?

Discussion in 'Expat Life' started by modrakocka, Jun 30, 2005.

  1. modrakocka

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    Hi everyone,

    Sorry to be such a shameless bludger but... does anyone know if Czech citizens are entitled to free education in terms of Czech language lessons? All the classes I've seen so far are in Euros and well, the purchasing power of my meager hoard of Australian dollars is not that great.

    Iˇm just returning to the Czech republic after over 20 years away, having grown up in Australia, and speak very little Czech. My accent is still good, though, which over the last couple of days has go me into the same predictably funny situations a few times.

    Despite the wonderful help provided by the websites such as local lingo, I really need to get into a classroom.

    Any ideas? Tips on learning Czech on the cheap?


  2. Jana

    Jana Well-Known Member

    I am afraid that there are not many Czech citizens who would need Czech language lessons - besides obligatory (and free) nine-year education. Unfortunately, there is no rule about Czech language courses for adult Czech citizens raised abroad who would come back to CR or study there. So, if you are going to live in Prague (or some other university city), I would recommend you to wait till the beginning of the academic year and the post some ad at dormitories or faculy of education or philosophy. I am sure there will be plenty of students willing to teach you for reasonable money.
  3. modrakocka

    modrakocka Member

    Thanks Jana for the information.

    I'm actually already here in Prague, so will just enjoy the sunshine (and storms) for now and do as you say when the semester starts up again.

    After a couple of weeks here I'm feeling less overwhelmed by the language, so I'm in no rush.


  4. cecco angiolieri

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    From The Economist:

    Go to the pub and meet the local..... alcohol is a good linguistic barrier breaker... and then.... sorry but czech is not only difficult.... it's evilsh :twisted: , i hope you know you'll never be able to write it correctely? cos you didn't studied the famous 9 years....
  5. brcek

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    The programme organized by Prague's Charles University and the Foreign Ministry, Czech emigres, expatriates and their descendants can come the Czech Republic to study Czech language and culture in Dobruska.
  6. Dana

    Dana Well-Known Member

    I know that many people try to learn or improve their Czech by exchanging lessons or conversation sessions. Someone gives you Czech lessons and you give them English lessons in return. That way it's free for both of you and you both benefit.

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