games derived from Czech culture...

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    Any examples?
  2. wer

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    What kind of games?
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    board games, card games, word games, mind that make you lose your marbles?
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    Board games:
    I think there is no "typical Czech board game". "Člověče nezlob se" (Sorry!) , chess and monopoly looks to me like most popular board games

    Card games
    Far the most popular card game is famous Mariáš. It can be played by four players (čtyřka) or by three player (two variants: "licitovaný mariáš" and "volený mariáš") or by two players ("lízaný mariáš"). Another popular card games are Prší (?english name "Crazy Eights" or german name "Mau-Mau"?), Kanasta (Canasta), Žolíky( english name: ???) or Dudák (czech card game) .

    Speaking about marbles. Yes, we play Marbles too. :p

    Among street football there are also some games popular among teenagers, unfortunately I do not know much about them: Dračí doupě (Dragons Lair) - ???role playing game/maybe mind game?? and that weird game during which they say numbers and raise one or both thumbs ???? Maybe someone else will be able to write us more about it. :roll:
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    In central Czech is popular card game "Lora".
  6. eso

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    Draci doupe is only version of US-originated RPG Dungeons&Dragons.
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    It's inspired by AD&D but it's a different game - not just a czech localization of it.

    btw someone mentioned "word games" above, I don't know what exactly is meant by that (scrabble?) but there's this game we call "slovní fotbal" (word football) which is played like so: a number of players take turns to say different words (usually nouns only)each of which starts with the same two letters the preceding word ends in (usually vowel length doesn't make a difference but a háček does). Whoever is unable to produce a word fitting that condition (of course words once used can't be used again during the same game) receives a penalty point. The first player to collect 10 (or whatever agreed number of) penalty points buys the other players a beer:). The final "chain" of words can look something like this (first word is usually chosen at random by the starting player):
    kočka - kalhoty - tympán - ananas - asistent - ???

    now my question: does anything like this exist in english (or any other language for that matter)? I think it wouldn't work very well but I can't be sure of course and I'd really like to know (just out of couriousity)
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  9. Yes, I've played this game in the "pubs" of America. It's a great sobriety test at the end of the night. :lol:

    Do you play hangman? One person chooses a word or phrase and makes a blank space for each letter in it on a piece of paper. Then you draw a gallow to draw the hangman on. Others guess letters they think are part of the word.phrase. If they are in the phrase they are filled in. If not a body part is added to the hangman (head, body, arm, leg) until the whole hangman is hung, or the word is solved. Hard to explain :? ... easy to play. :)
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    How about Hop Scotch. A game where little girls (usually) draw squares on the sidewalk with chalk and then throw a stone. If the stone lands in the right square, the player must jump the entire drawing on one foot without touching the square with the stone in it. First one to the last square wins.

    Also do you play time passing games such as I spy. Children on long car trips will usually play this. One player says "I spy something... (usually inserts a color like red or blue)" Then the other player must name what the oponent is talking about. There is no winner, they just take turns to pass time.
  12. MK

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    Hop Scotch
    Hopschotch is very old game originated from a training exercise of soldiers of ancient Rome so it is quite interesting that this game is so much popular among little girls now. Czech version of this game is called "Panák" (figure/dummy) or "Skákat panáka" (jump the figure). The playfield is simple drawing of a person (The Figure):

       /  |  \
      | 8 | 9 |
       \  |  /
        | 7 |
    | 5 | 4 | 6 |
        | 3 |
        | 2 |
        | 1 |
    I spy ...
    There is similar game in CZ: Somebody says "I am thinking about something. " then others take turns in asking questions which can be answered only by simple Yes or No. ( Is it person? Is he/she male? Is he/she actor? ..) Winner is the player who correctly names this "something you are thinking about". If you name something and you are mistaken then you are out of game and others continue without you.
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    There is a similar game in Serbia. We call it kalodont and the word mustn't end in KA. Actually, whatever we call the game, the word mustn't end in first two letters of the name of the game.

    Someone mentioned Lora. Can you, please, tell me more about this game?
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  15. Cayca

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    I can understand most of it. Thanx.

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