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    I had a Czech genealogist look up some information for me and was quite pleased with what he found on my family - back to the mid 1700s! One of the occupations he found was called "stolar" which he translated as "joiner" and "domkar" which he translated as "cottager". Although I'm quite sure these mean something specific in Czech genealogy - I am having trouble figuring out exactly what they mean.
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    stolař/stolár - from stůl (table) - means cabinet maker.
    domkař - owner of house with small land
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    Stolař is craftsman who produces furniture. The word is formed from the Czech word stól (modern Czech stůl) and the male suffix -ař. Czech stůl is cognate to English stool. The original meaning was identical with the English term, but later it was shifted to table and various derived words like stolec, stolice, stolička were used for stool. Hence stolař means literally stool maker or table maker.

    Domkář is not profession, it is small house owner in the country (dům = house; domek = diminutive of dům, i.e. small house, cottage; domkář ← domek + male suffix -ář).
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    Eso!! Thank you!
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    wer: thanks for the clarification!!

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