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  1. killroy

    killroy New Member

    Traveling for 28 days starting Oct 3 in Germany. Germany,Czech, Austria, Italy, Swizerland, France and Belgium.

    Problem: Czech Republic isn't covered in the normal rail pass. Over $500 (U.S.) for 2 tickets from Franfurt-Prague-Pilsen-Vienna.

    Would it be advisable to take a rental car from Germany into Czech Republic to drop off in Vienna? Theft, parking problems? Prague and Pilsen are the two places of most interest.

    Although it is going to cost a lot I have to make it to Czech Republic. I am 1/2 Czech and a Brewer (have to see Urquell Brewery)


    Rory Petrik
  2. killroy

    killroy New Member

    I just answered my own question. It appears that rental companies do not allow cars to enter countries in Eastern Europe including the Czech Republic :(

    This country isn't fitting in very well with the budget. Train or plane I guess.
  3. skh

    skh Member

    It depends on the rental company, some only restrict the car brands that are most likely to be stolen (BMW, VW, Audi, Mercedes) from being brought into czech republic.

    Prague by car is hell on earth, though, and you always have to worry about the car being parked (at all, and at a somewhat safe place). Don't know about Plzen. I prefer the train, which shouldn't be that expensive -- I pay 35 EUR to go from Nuremberg to Prague. Where do you get the $500 from?

  4. killroy

    killroy New Member

    Thanks for the Reply Sojna! This is the site: ... /index.htm

    I thought it sounded high (for 2 people). I found a flight that might be the way to go.

    I was told that Prague is kind of the highlight if on a schedule. Plzen is a must to see the brewery. Anything else that is not to miss that you can think of?

  5. skh

    skh Member

    German rail suggests about 280 EUR for two persons for the route Frankfurt/Main - Plzen - Praha - Wien (in that order, Plzen is between Praha and the Czech/German border). It should be even cheaper if you have a rail pass for Germany and/or Austria. Maybe you should buy the tickets here.

    Besides Praha I only know the countryside of Krkonose (north-west) and Sumava (south-west). It is all breathtakingly beautiful, but you need a few days for hiking to really appreciate it, so I'm not sure it would fit into your plans.

    Enjoy your trip!


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  6. GlennInFlorida

    GlennInFlorida Well-Known Member

    Sounds like you have a terrific trip planned - have a great time - the brewery in Plsen is well worth a visit.

    One bit of advice, though, be careful in Prague. It will steal your heart. :wink:
  7. wer

    wer Well-Known Member

    Or, maybe you mean Krušné hory (Erzgebirge), that’s north-west.
  8. Matej_CZ

    Matej_CZ Member

    The other way could be going by bus. The Student Agency (I'm not their retail agent) ticket from Frankfurt am Main to Prague cost 48 EUR (a bit less in CZK) and this company also sells ticket on Prague - Plzeň and Prague - Vienna routes. Prague - Plzeň cost 70 Kč (= 2,54 EUR) or 60 Kč through Internet, one-way, but the bus leaves from the last station on metro B Zličín. From the centre you can use train, 140 Kč one-way or 186 Kč return (but you have to return that or next day). Prague - Vienna through Student Ageny cost 300 Kč/12 EUR one-way. So the whole trip (Frankfurt - Prague - Plzeň - Prague - Vienna) for 2 people could cost 134 EUR.

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