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    Hi I'm new to this site and happy I found it. I will be flying from Canada to Hamburg and then need to get to Prague. Any suggestions? I noticed at the Czech Train site that there is whats called the kilometrick√° banka (literally "kilometer bank") is sold for 1600 CZK and gives you 2000 kilometers of train travel. Can I purchase this at the train station in Hamburg? Any help would be appreciated.


  2. Alexx

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    I do not think "Kilometrick√° banka" is valid for international trains, but if someone proofs me wrong, I'll buy one imedietally cause it will make my trip to Budapest much cheaper.
  3. Ktot

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    The Deutsche Bahn website says the trip will take about 6-7 hours and cost around 106,80 EUR. (For a day train, I don't know if you're planning overnight, but that you should be able to find everything you want on that site.)

    If you're going to be traveling in the area for very long, I recommend getting a BahnCard. It's only valid for travel within Germany, but it's good for one year, and gives you that percent discount on your tickets (or on the portion of travel within the country.) For example, with a BahnCard 25 your trip to Prague will cost 83,80 EUR, or 60,80 EUR with a BahnCard 50.

    More information here: ... ckets.html

    Happy traveling!
  4. cbalik

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    Thank you so much for your response. Our plans have changed slightly but we'll keep this information in mind for future trips.


    Chuck :D

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