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Discussion in 'Expat Life' started by Bud, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. Bud

    Bud New Member

    Hello! I am going to Zlin to study there and looking for some help. I don't know what to bring. Also i don't know about people in Zlin, could you tell me what kind of people they are and other important advices
  2. hoosiermike

    hoosiermike New Member

    Bud - I've been to many czech cities, so I'll compare my impression of Zlin to the others. To me, it seemed:

    Blue collar
    Below-average english speaker percentage
    College town, so decent nightlife (for two nights, not sure about any longer than that!)

    Have fun.
  3. CzechHonza

    CzechHonza Member

    Hi Bud.
    I live in Zlin all life and i like to tell you that every people from CZ say" "Zlin is clean, modern, ful of culture, everything is close, there's great public transport, city is full of young people ..... and so on:)

    I am sure that you will love to live here. But that is not ideal as i said. One problem is night life. There is a lot of pubs and restaurants...yes that is fine.....but there are not many night clubs ..... You can choose just from 2 big clubs or you can go to other big cities. And that is not problem to transport yourself i think :) So that problem is not big as seems :)

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