Good article on the American tourist

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    A Glenn hraje roli bodrého američana.
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    Celé to bylo velmi bod:)
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    Good article, I wish it gave a bit more advice on blending in! I'm sure it becomes obvious after a while...

    The only people who speak louder than Americans are Spanish people and Italians, it's really unbearable if you can't hear the person you're talking to because someone half way across the cafe is shouting.
    But these people who speak loudly are always generally happy and care free, and therefore well liked (although sometimes annoying!), here anyway.
    It's just a little cultural thing, it's so funny, you can hear them from across the road!

    Other than that

    "Monopoly is all the streets of London," a reference to the licensing and bastardizing of the Monopoly board to suit local tastes.
    Aw! Why shouldn't Monopoly be localized! That's how I learned the streets of Dublin, and which were the poshest areas (To be avoided!)

    Is it normal to tip in the Czech republic? It's rare in Ireland, only for exceptionally good service (or if, like me, you're an ex waitress and you know how crap it is!)
    Standard percentages?
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    4Kč: ofcourse monopoly are localized, I have Prague version at cottage but i didnt like this game.. Člověče nezlob se FTW!

    tiping: yes, its reward for good service or meal and it not in percents but its rounding up the amount so as you dont have to bother with counting many little coins...
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    I know that! The writer of the article felt it was wrong, and I was disagreeing with him.

    That's good to know, so there's no way I can insult someone so long as I do round it up?

    Say I was happy very with the meal, service was good, the people were nice, I round it up and then give and extra 10 korun, this is a nice thing to do, or an insult?

    In Ireland, if you give under a euro, people can be insulted that you are just trying to get rid of excess change!

    To put it in perspective for me, what can you buy, if anything, with 10 korun? A bar of chocolate?
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    More than localized. The game was too capitalist for the commies, so we have a "cover version". It's called "Dostihy a sázky" (= Horce racing and betting).

    Rather a candy bar, or one beer (an average one in the supermarket).
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    Thanks! :)

    Look what I found on a flash card site:
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