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Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by Stargazer, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. Stargazer

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    I have read that Prague is the most haunted place on the planet. Can you please tell me the most haunted places to to visit and if tours are provided and how much they cost.

    Thankyou in advance.
  2. Polednikova

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    I just Googled 'haunted Prague tour' and it threw up several references, including reviews. Rather than go through them for you and missing interesting bits out, have a look at them yourself and come back with any questions. I haven't done any of them myself but others here might have been...
  3. girdeaux10

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    Funny this question pops up, as a few days ago here in the UK there was a programme that mentioned Prague as a "haunted city" and then went onto show lots of "examples" of said hauntings.

    They were all (poor) computer CGI effects, probably done on the back of the city becoming a popular tourist spot in the 1990s. I think the locations shown were the Jewish cemetary & the Torture Museum.

    The "ghosts" made me laugh.

  4. Stargazer

    Stargazer Member

    I'll have a look this evening and post any questions I have.
  5. Ctyri koruny

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    I was in a museum.. I don§t know which one, it's by the river, and it looks like a museum.. They're showing Chinese paintings at the moment.. anyway there was this one corner on the first floor near where a video was being shown and I swear every time I passed it I saw this figure in a long black coat standing, out of the corner of my eye that is; I assumed it was one of the staff.. but then when I looked it was always gone.
  6. Stargazer

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    Ireland is steeped in folklore and stories. It all begin in the time of the druids and the Celts.

    I still have to look at some places to visit. I have read about the torture museum.
  7. Stargazer

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