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  1. Hello! My name is LeVenia Migues, I live in Logansport, Louisiana. I am 33 years old, married, I have one son. I like to cook, spend time with family. I love the Czech Republic. My Grandmother and Grandfather are from Moravia. My Grandfather didn't speak good english. I always loved the way that he spoke. I do speak some Czech. Would like to make friends with anyone from the Czech Republic and learn more about it. I have lived in Louisiana for 6 years. I was born and raised in Caldwell, Texas. In Caldwell, Texas they have a Kolache Festival every second saturday in September. The Kolache Festival promotes the Czech Heritage. I love it.
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    Hello, LeVenia. Welcome on forum.
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    Hi LeVenia,
    Welcome and I am sure that if you explore this discussion board you will find that it is best there is as to getting to know Czech Republic, travel and life there. Most people here, I think, are not Czechs living in CR, but people who trully love CR by being born there, traveling there often, members from other countries living there and working there now and simply people who went there once and fell in love with the country and are returning many more times. We all try our best to share our love, experiences and knowledge with others who are planning to visit CR or people like you whose ancestors were CzechMoravian.

    To get best benefit of all the above, just read all discussions on topics of your interest and go far far back as this goes back guite a number of years. All is very practical advice. On special topic which you don't see when reading discussions, just go to upper corner on your screen and in Search My Czech Republic type key words of your interest. It will come up with messages including your key words.

    Good luck in your discovery and I hope that one day you will experience on you all you will read about .
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    Welcome to the boards, LeVenia. Enjoy your stay
  6. Hello!
    Thanks for replying. Never met anyone from Canada. Are you from Canada or Czech Republic?


    LeVenia :D
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    I am Canadian, but was born in Prague. Thank you for your private message which I just answered.
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    Hi, LeVenia. I was born in Prague as well, and came to Canada when I was 18.

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